Menarche: First Menstruation

Menarche: First MenstruationMenarche, or first menstruation, is marked by many physical changes but there are also emotional changes as well, often described as a rollercoaster of feelings propelled by hormonal surges. Young women face up to 4-5 years of these hormonal tidal waves or roller coasters.  The ebbing or flowing of estrogen in a woman’s body is synonymous with mood swings, alternating periods of energy and fatigue, and spiritual highs and lows.

The nurse-midwives are happy to meet with young women to discuss the physical and emotional changes that occur during menarche.  We can discuss and educate based on individual needs.  Some women will want to learn about birth control options, others may want to discuss heavy menses and cramping, others may be struggling with emotional or social concerns with family or friends. 

A first pap smear is recommended after a young woman becomes sexually active for three years or by the age of 21.  Meeting with a health care provider before that happens is helpful, so that she feels the importance of her new power to procreate.

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