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Birthing Services at Fletcher AllenAt Fletcher Allen, we believe that each woman is unique and every birth is special. Our goal is to provide the style of care that is right for you and your family’s individual needs.

A hallmark of midwifery care is labor support for natural childbirth. Though a majority of our patients seek a natural birth, some do use medication. You can be confident the Midwifery Service will support your choice of options for pain relief during the birthing process.

Labor and Birthing at Fletcher Allen

Read how Certified Nurse-Midwives at Fletcher Allen can aid in your labor and birthing process and ensure that you have the birth experience that you want. More>>


Humans are drawn to water—for its beauty, serenity, and power.  Water therapy has long been used in labor to help relax a woman and help her cope with contractions.  The Claire M. Lintilhac Birthing Center at Fletcher Allen has showers and deep tubs available in each birthing room. More>>

Having Your Children Attend Your Birth

Birth is special. So special, in fact, that it can be a wondrous bonding experience for the entire family—including soon-to-be big brothers and sisters. More>>

During labor, the nurse-midwives provide comfort measures and emotional support, as well as evaluate the progress of labor. We encourage your partner/support person to assume as active a role as possible in the labor and birth process. 

We make every effort to facilitate the natural forces of labor in a non-interfering manner and to ensure that you have the birth experience that you want. 

However, the nurse-midwives are prepared to intervene and consult with a physician should the course of labor deviate from what is considered safe for mother or baby. The nurse-midwives can also provide pain-relieving medication as appropriate for the needs of women in labor.

During the birth process, the nurse-midwives perform normal vaginal birth and may, when necessary, cut and repair an episiotomy.The nurse-midwives examine and evaluate the newborn after the birth. If an operative delivery is indicated, the Fletcher Allen obstetrician performs the procedure while the nurse-midwife maintains a supportive role.

Labor Support: Meeting the Woman’s Individual Needs

Midwifery care emphasizes that each woman and her family have their own unique life situation and needs.  Our goal is to facilitate identifying those needs for each family and helping to meet them. The Midwifery Service supports each woman’s choice of various options for pain relief during the birth process. 

Some women do chose to use an anesthetic block or systemic narcotic to help them during their labors and births.  The nurse-midwives believe each woman and birth is special and incomparable. We seek to provide the style of care that is right for each family.

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