Centering Pregnancy

CenteringPregnancy® Group Prenatal Care: A Refreshingly Unexpected Approach to Expecting

CenteringPregnancy®  is a unique alternative to routine prenatal care. This supportive, group-centered approach lets you learn and share alongside 8-10 other moms-to-be who expect to give birth around the same time.

CenteringPregnancy®  combines the three important parts of prenatal care -- physical assessment, education, and support -- into a unified whole. Care is provided in a group setting as a series of sessions scheduled throughout your   pregnancy.  Each session provides time for individual physical assessment, group discussion, and time to share with other women. 

Content is planned but can be tailored to specific group needs. Topics include, but are not limited to, nutrition, exercise, relaxation and stress-reduction, discomforts of pregnancy, infant feeding, birth preparation, contraception, sexuality, communication, and parenting.
CenteringPregnancy® groups start when you are 14 to 18 weeks pregnant after you have had your initial intake exam. There are 8 to 10 sessions lasting 1 to 2 hours that are scheduled throughout your pregnancy. Your group will meet monthly for the first four months and every other week as your pregnancy progresses.

A certified nurse-midwife and a registered nurse will lead the sessions. Other health care practitioners may bring their expertise to the group session, but you can expect to have the same nurse-midwife throughout your pregnancy.

You are welcome to participate in CenteringPregnancy® whether you plan for a nurse-midwife or physician obstetrician to attend your birth.

Program Features:

• CenteringPregnancy® is designed specifically for any woman who wants to learn more about her pregnancy.  
• Sessions allow for more time with an experienced health care provider who works in the field.  
• The program provides an opportunity to meet with other women with similar due dates.   
• Sessions will be scheduled in advance so that you will know your schedule for the remainder of your pregnancy.  
• No waiting! Sessions will start and end on time.  
More Information:
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