Midwifery Research

Waterbirth Study
The nurse-midwifery service, along with Dr. Eleanor Capeless, is conducting a research study looking at the safety of waterbirth.  Any family who is interested in waterbirth will be asked to participate.  We feel strongly that waterbirth is a safe and important option for midwifery patients, and see that the best way for us to show that it is true is to study it closely.  Attending birth in a tertiary care center such as Fletcher Allen allows us to do this in the safest manner.  Click here for a patient information sheet.

Breastfeeding Study
Marti Churchill, CNM, IBCLC and Kirsten Berggren, PhD, are conducting a study on a baby’s latch and nipple soreness. Many women perceive that nipple soreness and pain are normal for breastfeeding moms.  We know that although nipple soreness is common it is not normal.  It is thought that a “correct” latch is the factor that determines whether a mother will have nipple soreness or not.  We are looking to see if this can be documented. Call (802) 847-2237 for an appointment or with any questions you may have about this study.

Aromatherapy and Early Pregnancy Nausea Study
Dr. Marjorie Meyer and Val Parlotta Aroma therapist are conducting a study to determine if aromatherapy can help the nausea of early pregnancy.  The study involves 5 brief visits to the Fletcher Allen Research center.  The initial visit will include measurement of height, weight, blood pressure and an ultrasound.  The participant will receive one of two fruit based oils with specific instructions for use. She will be asked to record symptoms and return weekly for weight check and symptom reporting.

The ideal study candidate is a woman who is 5 to 10 weeks from her last menstrual period, a nonsmoker, and not currently on medications for the nausea.

If you are interested in participating or finding out if you qualify for the study, please call (802) 847-4797.