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Our Philosophy of Care

The midwives who comprise the UVM Medical Group Obstetrics and Midwifery Service believe pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy events in the life of a woman and her family. We believe that everyone deserves a satisfying and safe birth experience.

Through education and communication, our nurse-midwives enable you to make important decisions about your care. We work with you to help you have the best possible birth experience, one that is tailored to your individual needs.

Working with a Nurse-Midwife

Midwifery is a tradition of women caring for women during pregnancy and childbirth. In fact, midwife means "with woman". Certified nurse-midwives are experienced women who are educated to rigorous standards in both nursing and midwifery and are board-certified.

Nurse-midwives provide care for women through their pregnancies, attend their births, providing hands-on labor support, and provide physical and emotional support after birth and with breastfeeding.

The Lintilhac Foundation: A Legacy of Giving

From an early age, Claire Lintilhac, the daughter of missionaries, was aware of the poverty and medical afflictions of others. She followed her physician father into medicine and became a traveling nurse, and much of her work in the 1920s was in remote areas in China and in midwifery. She felt a special calling in helping women and developed a supportive, nurturing approach to her patients and the birthing process.

In 1968, Ms. Lintilhac worked with Dr. John Maeck, chairman of University Associates in Ob/Gyn, to hire a nurse-midwive for the practice. Today, four decades later, our nurse-midwives continue to provide the highest level of care in a teaching and research environment.

Nurse-midwives at Fletcher Allen do not perform home births – all our births take place in a hospital setting. In the hospital setting, the nurse-midwives provide full support for a natural childbirth. However, if you choose to have pain management or an epidural for your birth, our midwives support your individual needs and desires for a safe and satisfying birth.

We provide individualized maternity care focusing on the needs of each family. Our services include prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, newborn, lactation, routine gynecologic care and family planning.

The Best of Both Worlds

In addition to providing nursing-midwifery, individualized care for low-risk pregnancies, our nurse-midwives work in collaboration with our physicians to provide the highest level of care for women with high-risk pregnancies.

Our nurse-midwives also serve as part-time faculty at the University of Vermont's College of Medicine, and act as preceptors for students from various Nurse-Midwifery Educational Programs.

As educators, nurses are responsible for teaching the principles and skills involved in the process of the normal events of pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum and breastfeeding. A research component with the Nurse-Midwifery Service continues to thrive.

Request an appointment online with a nurse-midwife at Fletcher Allen, or call 802-847-1400.

Contact Fletcher Allen Nurse-Midwifery

Fletcher Allen Obstetrics Outpatient Clinic
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Additionally, we are now providing midwifery services to a community practice in Essex Junction.