Male Infertility Treatment

It is important that we have an accurate diagnosis before we start treatment for infertility. Our doctors have more than 20 years of experience diagnosing and treating male infertility. We work carefully and discreetly to obtain a precise diagnosis, so we can tailor your treatment plan effectively. We will discuss all of your treatment options with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Male Infertility Treatment in Burlington, VT

The goal of treatment for male infertility is to correct an underlying problem, if we found one, or try fertility treatments that may help. Even if we did not find the exact cause of infertility, we can still recommend treatment options. Whenever a couple is struggling with infertility, it is important that both partners undergo diagnosis and possibly treatment.

Surgery for Male Infertility

If we found a blockage or obstruction, for example, if there is an obstruction in the vas deferens - the tube that carries the sperm, we can repair it using surgery.

Medication for Male Infertility

We may use medication for a number of different reasons to treat male infertility:

  • Antibiotics to treat infection
  • Medication or counseling to address problems with sexual intercourse, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • Hormone treatment if we determined that the cause is hormone-related

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for Male Infertility

During ART, we obtain sperm for insertion, either into the female genital tract or for in vitro fertilization. Depending on the circumstances and your personal preference, we may obtain the sperm using:

  • Normal ejaculation
  • Surgical extraction
  • Donor sperm

Donor Sperm for Male Infertility

Sometimes, we cannot treat the fertility disorder. Our doctors may recommend using donor sperm in order to conceive. At Fletcher Allen, we have banked semen for donors and patients since 1987. Our anonymous donor program is available to couples with infertility and to couples wishing to build non-traditional families.

Our comprehensive range of male fertility services include:

  • Anonymous donor semen for insemination. We purchase specimens from New England Cryogenic Center and offer them to patients at a reasonable price.
  • Storage of specimens from other banks. Patients may buy their own specimens from an accredited bank and have them shipped to Fletcher Allen for storage and insemination.
  • Freezing and storage for known or directed donors. We will freeze and store semen for a directed donor once the donor, recipient and spouses have completed the necessary testing and evaluation. We will receive and store specimens for directed donor cycles as long as all testing is in order.
  • Freezing prior to surgery or cancer therapy. This service represents a large part of our bank. We freeze semen and provide long-term storage for patients who are about to undergo medical treatment that could affect their future fertility.
  • Freezing and storage for husbands who may be deployed by the military.
  • IVF backup. Many men bring in a specimen to freeze prior to retrieval "just in case.” Storage is short-term unless otherwise specified.
  • IVF prep. We prepare semen as if it will be used for an IVF cycle, so our laboratory will know what to expect.

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