Information for Egg Donors







Give a Family New Hope

Healthy young women can give a family new hope through egg donation. Families who are experiencing infertility often turn to Fletcher Allen for assisted reproduction – help getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. Some of these families rely on donated eggs. You can help by becoming an egg donor.

Become an Egg Donor

You may be eligible to be an egg donor if you meet the following criteria. Prospective donors are screened to ensure they are physically and mentally healthy and able to donate. Donors must be:

  • Between age 21 and 32
  • Non-smoker
  • Have regular menstrual cycles

To find out more about whether you would qualify, call us at (802) 847-9825. All calls are confidential.

Anonymous Donation

Fletcher Allen egg donors remain completely anonymous; their name is never shared with the recipient. Recipients have no contact with donors.

Compensation Available

Egg donors will not be charged for the screening appointments, medications or procedures that are part of the egg donation process. As a participant in Fletcher Allen’s egg donor program, donors are compensated:

  • $3,000 for the donor’s time, inconvenience and effort for screening, ovulation induction and egg retrieval
  • $3,500 for repeat donors
  • $500 if a donor completes the ovulation induction, but a physician determined that egg retrieval should not be performed.

If a donor chooses to stop the program, she will not be compensated.

Informed and Part of the Process

Many of the screening appointments for egg donation can be arranged in advance to fit your schedule.  Donors are kept informed about the process and are important members of the decision-making team.

Contact the Egg Donor Program at Fletcher Allen

If you meet the requirements outlined above and would like to learn more, please contact our egg donor nurse coordinator at (802) 847-9825.  You are under no obligation when you call.  It’s OK to call just for more information – you will not be pressured to participate. It’s always up to you if and when you want to become an egg donor.

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