What Is Lymphedema? 

Lymphedema is a collection of lymphatic fluid that can collect in the arm, chest wall or breast after treatment for breast cancer. This may present as a mild swelling in one area of the body.  Your oncology physicians and care providers will work with you to decide if this swelling is lymphedema and if you should be seen at the Lymphedema Clinic at Fletcher Allen.  

Lymphedema Treatment at Fletcher Allen

Lymphedema can be treated, and there are many options as how to manage this. Patients seen at the Lymphedema Clinic are evaluated by a physician and a physical therapist both trained specifically in the various methods to treat lymphedema.  

Fletcher Allen offers a comprehensive approach to treating lymphedema. We work closely with your entire health care team to combine advanced medicine with a compassionate touch.

Dr. Patti O'Brien, a breast cancer survivor, educates, evaluates and directs management of these patients. The PTs that rotate through the clinic are all certified in lymphedema care through the Lymphedema Association of North America.  

To find out more about what Lymphedema is and how to manage it, visit our health library and read about managing lymphedema or give us a call at 802-847-0000.