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Birth is a momentous event.  Every person born into this world represents new possibilities and new hopes.  Not only a child but a new family is born, creating an indelible bond.

At Fletcher Allen, we consider it a privilege to participate in your childbirth experience and to share in the unfolding drama of life renewed. 

Birthing and Maternity Services in Burlington, VT

A Personalized, Seamless Birth Experience

We want to provide you with a birth experience that is tailored to you, in a supportive, caring atmosphere.

Our board-certified physicians and certified nurse-midwives work together to provide you, your baby and your family with the best possible care during your labor, delivery and recovery.

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Providing the Highest Quality Care

Fletcher Allen has a long and rich history of providing a compassionate environment for childbirth. We have been delivering babies since 1905.  Today, we deliver more than 2,000 babies every year.

We are proud of our record of service, which includes many distinctions:

  • We opened the first nurse-midwifery program in the state of Vermont. Thirty years later, the legacy of the Claire M. Lintilhac Nurse-Midwifery Service lives on in the UVM Medical Group Obstetrics and Midwifery, with a team of certified nurse-midwives offering perinatal, birthing and postpartum care.

  • We are a founding member of the Northern New England Perinatal Quality Improvement Network – a group of hospitals in the Northern New England area dedicated to improving birth outcomes.

  • Our Fetal Diagnostic Center provides sophisticated prenatal screening and ultrasound evaluations in the northern New England region.

  • Despite an upward trend nationally in Cesarean births, our rate of C-sections remains below the national average.  In addition, we have a high rate of vaginal birth after previous Cesarean birth.

Contact the Fletcher Allen Birthing Center

For further information about our birthing and maternity services, or to schedule an appointment, call 802-847-3730. 

  As Heard On Facebook

"Just came home with our daughter after having a long labor. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude for the team at Fletcher Allen. Painted on the walls, I read 'One Team, One Purpose, One Patient.' Well, we can tell you from experience, they get it done at this hospital. There were so many incredible people involved, and I wish I could name some of them here, but I eventually came to the realization that these people don’t do it for the recognition. Even getting off the elevators, employees with no connection to us whatsoever were there with a smile and an open heart to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Vermont is really a special place, and Fletcher Allen is a really special hospital. Thank you."

Jason Remington