Urology at Fletcher Allen

Urology in Burlington, VT

Urology at Fletcher Allen in Burlington, VT, offer state-of-the-art urologic services, including evaluation and management of all urologic cancers, with cutting-edge research protocols accessible through a multidisciplinary approach.

University of Vermont Medical Group urologists at Fletcher Allen also provide a full-range of treatment options for the evaluation and treatment of many urologic conditions.

Urology Services at Fletcher Allen Health Care

UVM Medical Group urology providers, with offices located in Burlington and St. Albans, strive to improve the care and treatment of urologic diseases by obtaining new knowledge of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment, and also to enhance the education and skills of surgical scientists studying these diseases.

We accept all forms of insurance. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to verify coverage of services.

We recommend new urology patients arrive twenty minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to allow time to complete medical history and demographic forms.

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Other Urology Services

As a general urology practice, we treat a variety of urological conditions using the very latest urological technology and innovations. We have extensive experience and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of the following conditions:

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (Enlarged Prostate)

We offer all methods of treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), including recently-approved medications, state-of-the-art needle ablation, and traditional treatment with standard medication or surgery if necessary.

Renal/Urinary Calculi (Urinary Stones)

Our practice treats a large number of patients with urinary stones. We employ the latest technology available, including non-invasive ESWL, laser surgery, and ultrasonic lithotripsy.


This type of permanent birth control is offered in the office as an outpatient procedure. We believe in educating each patient to help you make the best choice for your own medical care. Before we perform a permanent procedure like a vasectomy, we will arrange an interview for you with one of our physicians to explain the nature of the procedure and to explain its possible risks and benefits. You are then scheduled for an appointment to come into our office and the vasectomy is performed in about 30 minutes.