Cosmetic Surgery Consultation and Evaluation

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The first step in your treatment at Fletcher Allen is a cosmetic surgery consultation and medical evaluation. During this time, we will discuss your goals and concerns and determine if you are a suitable candidate for plastic surgery.

Our first priority is to make sure you are emotionally and physically fit enough to undergo surgery and recovery. We look for frank, honest answers about how you feel about your appearance and what you hope to achieve.

What Happens During a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation ?

At the initial plastic surgery consultation, we will take a complete medical history, ask about pre-existing conditions, medications you may be taking and cigarette use. If you are a suitable candidate, we will discuss your surgical options in detail, providing information about what to expect before, during and after cosmetic surgery.

A good candidate for cosmetic surgery is someone with realistic expectations about the procedure, its results and how it can make you feel. Cosmetic surgery should be a personal decision made by you, for you.

Being as healthy and fit as possible, both emotionally and physically, is the first step to being considered for cosmetic surgery. If you are overweight and/or a smoker, you may not be a good candidate.

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