Surgery at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, VT

Surgical Services

At Fletcher Allen, we have nearly one hundred experienced surgeons from across all fields of medicine dedicated to providing life-saving and quality of life-restoring treatments to our patients.

Our University of Vermont Medical Group expert surgeons have at their fingertips some of the most advanced technologies and are applying some of the most advanced techniques available. Sophisticated technology in the hands of expert surgeons results in everyday miracles.

Leading Edge Treatments

Here at Fletcher Allen, University of Vermont Medical Group surgeons are:

  • Treating prostate and gynecologic cancers using robotic surgical equipment
  • Implanting tremor-eliminating devices in the brains of patients with Parkinson's Disease
  • Utilizing minimally invasive techniques to help obese patients shed hundreds of pounds
  • Providing reconstructive surgery to patients following serious accidents

As a university hospital, our care is informed by the latest thinking that comes from our research and education activities. And you are also assured of the highest standards of quality care and patient safety.

While surgery is understandably an anxiety producing experience for any patient, you can feel confident knowing that our surgeons are among the most capable and experienced you will find at any of the top medical centers in the nation.