Rehabilitation Therapies

  • Fanny Allen Campus
  • Medical Office Building
  • 792 College Parkway
    Colchester, VT 05446
  • Phone: 802-847-0193
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Rehabilitation Therapies at Fletcher Allen

Rehabilitation Therapies---Physical and Occupational Therapy---at the Medical Office Building on the Fanny Allen Campus offers prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction, both work and non-work related.

Injury prevention services are provided through a comprehensive evaluation and consultation with the employer. Injury management is provided in either an uni-disciplinary or interdisciplinary setting after assessment of each patient's unique needs.

We are dedicated to patient care which is easily accessed, outcome-oriented, and cost effective. Customers who utilize these services typically are:

  • Employers
  • Insurance companies
  • Attorneys
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Patients
  • Physicians
  • Other health care providers  

Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Injury Prevention

  • Job-site evaluation (from individual to the entire company)
  • Post-offer job screens
  • Training and education
  • Development of job descriptions compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Injury Management

  • Individualized occupational and physical therapy treatment
  • Hand therapy
  • Individualized clinical health psychology and pain management counseling
  • Upper and lower extremity orthoses
  • Interdisciplinary evaluations
  • Return to work interdisciplinary treatment
    • Half-day Work-Hardening Program
    • Full-day Functional Restoration Program

Our Staff

Physical and Occupational Therapy staff are specialized in the prevention and management of musculoskeletal injuries. Clinical health psychology staff have expertise in the assessment and treatment of psychological and behavioral problems associated with physical disorders. Support staff work closely with the therapists to coordinate and streamline care.


Therapy services can be arranged by calling Rehabilitation Therapies at the Medical Office Building at (802) 847-0193. Please note that financial coverage for evaluation and treatment is subject to the conditions of your particular insurance policy. Approval for mental health treatment is not arranged through your primary care physician, but through your insurance company. The phone number for mental health authorization can be found on your insurance card.