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Physiatry at Fletcher Allen Health Care

Doctors who specialize in rehabilitation medicine are known as physiatrists. Physiatrists at Fletcher Allen bring together comprehensive therapy and physician services for evaluation, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Physiatry Services in Burlington, VT

At Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, VT, we are committed to providing care for people with general neurological conditions such as:

Physiatrists at Fletcher Allen

We strive to help our patients regain their maximum level of function and independence medically, vocationally, and socially. Physicians are board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatrists).

Our physicians have extensive experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological problems. Some physiatrists are also board certified in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine and offer testing  to help diagnose muscle and nerve problems (EMG). Physicians are University of Vermont (UVM) faculty members and are involved in research  and in the education of UVM College of Medicine students.  Nurses and support staff coordinate the patient care.


Depending upon what service you need, an appointment can be made in the following manner:

  • Appointments may be made with a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician for evaluation, consultation, or second opinion by a referral from either your primary physician, specialty physician, or self-referral.
  • An EMG can only be scheduled by referral from a physician.
  • An appointment may be made for a medical psychological evaluation or treatment with or without a referral. Approval for mental health treatment is not arranged through your primary care physician, but through your insurance company. The phone number for mental health authorization can be found on your insurance card.

Please Note

Financial coverage for evaluation and treatment are subject to the conditions of your particular insurance policy. Please bring any records or diagnostic studies such as X-rays, CT scans or MRI. This will assist the physician in developing a comprehensive plan of care.