Video-Conferencing For Non-Affiliates

Pre-Conference Set-Up and Scheduling $65/Tech/Hour *

Test calls
Site communication
Scheduling remote sites
Scheduling the bridge

On-Call Technical Support for Video-Conferences $65/Tech/Hour *

Resolving connectivity problems
Available during conference for technical issues
Phone number provided to call next available technician

Full Conference Support $65/Hour

Dedicated technical support
Live Monitoring
Audio control
Camera control
Video control
Assist presenter
Resolve connectivity problems
Bridge monitoring

Bridging Services $42/Port/Hour

Multipoint (Videobridge) Per Port Charge
Enables multiple sites to participate in a video-conference simultaneously

Cancellations  Charge to date + $42/Port/Hou

Cancellation of event or port within 2 working days of scheduled conference; ports scheduled and not used (no-shows) will still be charged

* A minimum of $35 applies

For Special Events and After-Hours Support, please call for a price.