Technical Services

The telemedicine department provides a variety of services to make your videoconferencing experience a success. 

We will also cover conference events for non-affiliated sites for a fee.  To view our Telemedicine Services Price List for Non-Affiliates, please  click here. 

Pre-Conference Scheduling and Setup

For every videoconference we support there is pre-conference scheduling and setup.  Scheduling would include the time spent on the phone or with email to try and establish a time, day, and location that will suit the needs of both parties.  It would also include the efforts made to establish and confirm a reliable technical connection to the remote site’s videoconferencing unit through test calls. 

Test calls are a standard practice and strongly encouraged by the telemedicine department as we like to make sure all conferences will run smoothly.  Setup may include such actions as programming the video bridge for a multi-point (multi-site) conference and making sure the laptop and LCD projector are connected and working properly for the presenter. 

On-Call Technical Support 

Not all conferences require that we be present for the entire duration.  Many of our users are technically savvy and are comfortable with the equipment once it has been setup and have been assured it is running properly.  For these conferences or events we provide an on-call service where we will be available by phone, Provider Access Service, or by pager to offer support. 

We have the capability to monitor most of our equipment remotely; from our end we can resolve connectivity problems, reboot the system, or see what type and number of errors a machine may be taking or receiving at the remote site.  We can also initiate a telemedicine connection remotely. 

Full Conference Technical Support

For a conference that requires full time support we provide dedicated technical personnel.  This support will include live monitoring of the event, audio and video control, camera control, video bridge monitoring, and the ability to assist the presenter throughout the conference. 

Video Bridging Services

Often a conference will be available to multiple participants at several different locations.  With our video bridge we have the capability to unite up to 20 sites together for 1 conference simultaneously. We also have access to other bridging devices to increase the capacity to 60 sites.