Radiology Services

Radiology at Fletcher Allen

At Fletcher Allen, our radiology team includes 32 fellowship-trained University of Vermont (UVM) Medical Group physicians, which ensures a highly trained specialist will be assigned to your care. Your treatment will also involve experienced radiology technicians and nurses, who have extensive experience in making patients as comfortable as possible while capturing a precise image.

Radiology Area of Expertise

Radiology Specialties and Unmatched Technology

Because Fletcher Allen is a university hospital, we provide expertise in a full range of radiology specialties, including breast imaging, body imaging (gastrointestinal and genitourinary), cardiothoracic/chest imaging, interventional neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging, nuclear medicine/PET imaging, neuroradiology, pediatrics, oncology, vascular and interventional.

Our radiology technology is unmatched in the region. We have the latest MRI machines, PET-CT and Spect-CT scanners, including a Philips Brilliance 256-slice. This advanced radiology equipment can produce highly detailed 3D images of the heart, brain and tiny blood vessels. It’s faster and more precise than its predecessors and results in the most accurate diagnoses possible. We also have radiology equipment for patients with unique conditions, all body shapes and sizes and a fear of small spaces. With an emphasis on safety, comfort and thoroughness, our goal is patient wellness.

To make an appointment with a Radiologist at Fletcher Allen, please call 1-855-30-IMAGE.

Radiology Procedures and Treatments

Our medical imaging team treats a range of conditions using state-of-the art radiology equipment. Some of our services include:

  • CT Scans/CAT Scans (Computed Tomography): chest and head CT scans
  • Diagnostic X-Rays: diagnostic radiology and X-ray radiology exams
  • Gastrointestinal X-rays (Fluoroscopy): X-rays of the upper and lower GI tract
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and High-Field Open MRI: body and chest MRI, brain, heart and vascular MRI
  • Mammograms and Breast MRI: breast imaging and breast scans
  • Nuclear Medicine/PET Scans: bone scans, cardiac scans before and after stress tests, hepatobiliary scans and scans for kidney function
  • Radiology Oncology and Radiation Therapy
  • Ultrasounds & Sonography: abdominal pelvic ultrasounds, obstetrical ultrasound, head and neck ultrasounds, pyloric and hip ultrasound, breast and interventional breast ultrasound

Learn More About Radiology at Fletcher Allen

Find a radiologist near you or view our three convenient radiology locations in Vermont. To schedule an appointment, or for additional information, please call us at (855) 30-IMAGE.