Surgical Pathology


Medical Director Anatomic Pathology: Pam Gibson, MD

Medical Director Surgical Pathology: Donald Weaver, MD

Manager, Anatomic Pathology: Tim St. John, CT (ASCP)

Supervisor, Histology: Jude Carpenter, HTL (ASCP)

Supervisor, Lab Transcription and Compliance: Karen Brown CPC


The Surgical Pathology Department is supported by a staff which includes 20 anatomic pathologists, 4 pathology assistants, 4 rotating pathology residents - including the "Hot Seat" resident, 6 laboratory assistants, 5 medical transcriptionists, 1.5 clerical support persons, 1.5 compliance coders and 12 Histologists. The laboratory is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Surgical Pathology provides specimen processing for surgical/biopsy samples received at Fletcher Allen Health Care. Our specimen mix includes inpatient cases from Fletcher Allen, Porter Hospital, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, and Cottage Hospital, and a large number of outpatient samples from a diverse referral base. In 2003, approximately 30,000 surgical specimens were processed. An average case generates 7 slides; but the number of slides can vary from 0 (gross only) to 100 slides for a complicated case.

Once specimens are received by laboratory assistants, they are sent to one of 5 cutting stations. The cases are reviewed grossly by a resident or pathologist assistant (overseen by an attending pathologist). Sections are taken and processed by histology in an overnight/early morning procedure from which glass slides of the tissues are produced.

Many of the slides are then previewed by the "Hot Seat" resident who may provide clinicians with preliminary diagnoses. The following day, these cases are reviewed by the attending pathologist (with the pathology resident) who renders the final diagnoses. The cases that are not reviewed by the "Hot Seat" are typically signed out within 24-48 hours from receipt by an attending pathologist.

The attending staff in Surgical Pathology have expertise in both general anatomic pathology as well as specialty areas including gastrointestinal pathology, dermatopathology, gynecologic pathology, breast pathology, neuropathology, soft tissue pathology, pediatric pathology, hematopathology, renal pathology, genitourinary pathology pulmonary pathology, and cardiovascular pathology.

The Histology Laboratory currently performs over 70 different special stains and 18 muscle histochemistries on all types of tissues. The Immunohistochemistry (IHC) area utilizes over 115 different antibodies on their state-of-the-art autostainers for IHC.

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