International Travel Clinic

The Infectious Disease Clinic provides patient care at Fletcher Allen’s Medical Center Campus, the teaching hospital of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, at the University Health Center Campus and at three other HIV/AIDS specialty clinics in Vermont, the Comprehensive Care Clinics.

Infectious Disease Clinic and International Travel Medicine

The Infectious Disease Clinic performs about 1,500 inpatient consultations yearly from all hospital departments and specialties for a wide diversity of clinical illnesses. The outpatient clinic is active daily, providing care for persons with HIV/AIDS and general infectious diseases, assisting with home intravenous antibiotic therapy and counseling and prevention for international travelers.

Clinic services provided include:

  • Follow up for inpatient consultations to all hospital departments and specialty services.
  • Inpatient care for persons living with HIV/AIDS requiring medical admission.
  • Outpatient primary and specialty care for persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Outpatient infectious diseases consultation.
  • Counseling, preventive medicine and post-travel assessment for the international traveler.
  • Anonymous and confidential HIV/AIDS testing.
  • Counseling and follow-up for sexual assault victims being treated to prevent HIV transmission.

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