Meniscal Tear Diagnosis

If you have a meniscal tear, you need the advanced care and expertise of a specialized group of sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons who work together as a team to provide effective and timely meniscal tear diagnosis and treatment, including the option of a minimally invasive knee surgery.

Meniscal Tear Diagnosis

At Fletcher Allen, our sports medicine specialists have years of experience in diagnosing knee problems. We will work with you to thoroughly assess your situation and make a diagnosis. Our diagnostic team includes radiologists who are specially trained in bone imaging. The process of diagnosis may involve the following.

History and Physical Examination

Your physician will discuss your symptoms and medical history, and conduct a careful evaluation of your knee. The physician will check for tenderness along the joint line where the meniscus lies, which can signal a tear.


Tests such as an X-ray or MRI may be used to help confirm the diagnosis. X-rays do not show meniscal tears, but may show other causes of knee pain, such as osteoarthritis. An MRI provides a better look at the soft tissues of the knee joint.

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