Shoulder Pain Diagnosis

Shoulder pain is a common condition in adults, but shoulder pain care at Fletcher Allen is uncommonly advanced. We provide the expertise of a specialized group of physicians who work together as a team to provide comprehensive shoulder pain diagnosis and shoulder injury treatment, including the option of a minimally invasive surgery for shoulder replacement.

Shoulder Pain Diagnosis

We will work with you to thoroughly assess your problem and make a diagnosis. Our diagnostic team includes radiologists who are specially trained in bone imaging. The process of diagnosis involves the following:

  • History and Physical Examination - You will have a comprehensive evaluation to determine the mechanism of injury, symptoms, and how the injury affects your activities. The providers will check for tenderness, instability, strength and range of motion.
  • Imaging - An X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), or MR arthrography may be conducted to help analyze the extent of damage to the joint. These tests can visualize soft tissue structures such as the rotator cuff tendon. An MRI can show the size and location of the tear.

Shoulder Pain Informational Sheets

Total Joint Replacement and Infection Prevention

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