Hip Pain Diagnosis

You don’t have to live with hip pain. Fletcher Allen offers the care and expertise of an orthopedic specialist or an orthopedic surgeon if you need hip replacement surgery, including the option of robotic surgery or a minimally invasive surgery.

Hip Pain Diagnosis

We will work with you to thoroughly assess your hip pain problem and make a diagnosis. Our diagnostic team includes radiologists who are specially trained in bone imaging. The process of diagnosis may involve the following:

  • Physical examination
    We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that focuses on your walk, range of motion, and joint swelling or tenderness.
  • X-rays
    X-rays of your joint will be taken. These images will allow our expert bone radiologists to analyze the extent of damage to the joint.
  • Laboratory Tests
    Our experienced pathologists will conduct and analyze laboratory tests and samples to help determine the source of your hip pain.  If arthritis is the main cause, we will determine the type (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid).

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