Herb Noyes

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As a former competitive athlete, Herb Noyes, 55, is no stranger to injury.

Recently, while trying to catch himself from a fall, he injured the rotator cuff in his left arm. He had injured his rotator cuff before – once while surfing in Florida and another time playing golf.

Herb started a rehabilitation therapy program, which had worked well for other injuries. This time, however, his shoulder didn’t heal.

With a golf trip to Florida pending, Herb knew he needed to try something else. He consulted his doctor, who recommended Claude Nichols, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Fletcher Allen.

Dr. Nichols ordered an MRI which showed greater damage than Herb had originally thought: his rotator cuff had been completely severed from the bone. Herb decided to have surgery to repair his shoulder.

From that moment forward, everything worked seamlessly, Herb said, from pre-op education and preparation, to the procedure itself, to excellent nursing care, to rehab and recovery.

“Dr. Nichols explained everything to me piece by piece. It was an ‘A+’ on everything he did.”

Herb, an avid golfer, also appreciated the fact that Dr. Nichols himself was an athlete, and understood the nuances of chipping and putting.

Today, Herb’s shoulder is pain-free and he’s back on the course, enjoying the game he loves.