Stroke Support Information

Providing support, hope and encouragement for survivors, families and caregivers.

First Tuesday of each month from 4-5pm

Fletcher Allen Health Care
Fanny Allen Campus
Rehab 1 Conference Room
790 College Parkway
Colchester, Vermont 05446

Becky Louko, RPT

This is a structured group to provide a forum for people to share their experiences in an atmosphere of encouragement, understanding and support. The goal of this group is to meet specific emotional, educational and social needs of stroke survivors and their families.

The Stroke Group meets monthly.

Below are some Fletcher Allen Health Care resources for patients:

Vocational Rehab- 1-866-879-6757
Driver Rehab- 847-3140
Aphasia group at UVM- Mike Cannizzaro 656-3861
Individually Designed Exercise for Active Lifestyles (IDEAL) Susan Kasser, Ph.D  656-7742
Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center, 802-847-8821 

Free publications
Stroke Smart- 800-787-6537
Stroke Connection- 888-478-7653
Neurology Now 800-422-2681 

Stroke Research at Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont.

Stroke research is very important in developing new medications and treatments for stroke. Please refer to the government web site that lists all research being done and the location of where the research is being done.

Here are a few clinical trials we are conduction here at Fletcher Allen Health Care and the University of Vermont

1) IRIS: Insulin Resistance Intervention after Stroke. This National Institutes of Health study tests a new therapy to prevent stroke and Myocardial Infarction in non-diabetic patients with a recent stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack.

2) SWISS: Siblings with Ischemic Stroke. This is a National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke sponsored study.  In this clinical study investigators are studying groups of siblings in which at least two of the siblings have had an ischemic stroke.  The goal of this multi-center study is to find the genes that increase the risk of developing an ischemic stroke.

  • Investigator is Dr. Mark Gorman
  • Coordinator is Sharon Kenney, RN
  • Call 802-656-9094 for more information.

Support Group Survey

To better serve you please complete our survey. The results will help us plan the future of the support group.  After printing and completing please mail back to us at:

Stroke Support Group at Fletcher Allen Health Care
PO Box 1814
Burlington, VT 05402