Arrhythmia Research & Clinical Trials

As part of our academic mission the Heart Rhythm Program at Fletcher Allen participates in numerous multicenter trials and clinical studies that are designed to continue to improve therapies. We think it is critically important to advance the safety and efficacy of the treatments we offer, and every patient should be allowed to participate in that process. Patient participation in any trial or study is completely voluntary and informed consent is always obtained from the patient before proceeding with enrollment.

Having the ability to participate in Clinical trials often gives patients access to cutting edge technologies that are not readily available elsewhere, or it gives patients added satisfaction to know that they are helping to further our ability to help future generations.

Often when patients are approached with the opportunity to participate in these trials, we hear the question, “You want me to be a guinea pig?” It is important to realize that there is still much to be learned regarding the complex issues we treat, whether it involves learning more about ablation procedures or implantable cardiac devices. Any research opportunity we offer to our patients has been approved by our Institutional Review Board which demands the highest level of ethical behavior, transparency, and protection of patient safety and privacy.

The following is a list of trials and studies in which we are currently participating:

  • Chronicle-ICD Trial
  • 4196 Lead Study
  • Autonomic Blockade Study
  • Long term follow up for RF ablation Study
To learn more about how to enroll in clinical trials at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and Fletcher Allen, please call (802) 656-8990.