Hearing Loss Diagnosis

If you have gradual hearing loss, you may not be aware of it, especially if it has happened over time.  Your family members or friends may notice that you're having trouble understanding what others are saying.  

The first step is to get diagnosed; then we have different ways to treat your hearing loss.  Hearing aids and other devices, such as a cochlear implant, may help you hear better again.

Hearing Loss Diagnosis

A diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first stage of determining the type and degree of your hearing loss. The audiologists at The Audiology Center are highly skilled, with many years of combined clinical experience and access to the most advanced testing equipment. 

The audiologist will explain the test results and guide you on a path towards any treatment, communicating with your doctor along the way. Hearing health, and protecting what hearing we have, is essential. We provide education about how to prevent or reduce the possibility of further hearing loss.

A separate service, Otolaryngology (Ears, Nose and Throat) Audiologists perform specialized hearing loss diagnostic and rehabilitative services, such as a cochlear implant

Hearing loss is an invisible condition that isolates people from family and friends. We cannot see hearing loss, only its effects.  The Audiology Center, conveniently located at the Fanny Allen Campus, is where we help re-connect people with hearing loss to the world around them.

We evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing loss and related conditions for patients of all ages. Our certified and licensed audiologists use the latest technology to diagnose hearing loss and create an individualized treatment plan for each patient. 

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