Child Life Wish List

Child Life Donation Guidelines

Before you donate, please note . . . Children's Health

  • Stuffed Animals- Because of infection control policies; we can only accept NEW & UNUSED stuffed animals.  New and Unused Clothing or blankets, as well.
  • New or gently used toys can be accepted.  Toys must have non-fabric, non-porous, hard, cleanable surfaces.  Similarly, please make sure toys are safe!  Small items (such as button eyes) that can break off or be removed are kindly discouraged.
  • All food needs to be pre-packaged (individually wrapped, commercially produced) and Child Life will be responsible for passing it out to appropriate rooms.
  • We are now only accepting DVD movies.
  •  Safety regulations require even labeled gifts to be checked for gift appropriateness. Wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and tags are most welcome as a donation, we would be happy to wrap the gifts, as all gifts must be viewed by staff before distributing.
  • We only accept latex free products.
  • In order to respect the individual beliefs of our families, we ask that donations be non-denominational.

 Donation Delivery

Donations can be dropped off at the information desk on the level 3 main lobby or a donation drop off can be scheduled by calling the donation hotline.  When dropping off a donation please include your name and address so we can properly thank you for your kindness!

Please contact the Child Life donation hotline: (802)847-7831 for more information regarding donations or to schedule a donation drop off.

Kids HealthDonation Wish list for Winter/Spring 2014

Our wish list will directly link you to Amazon where we have highlighted items that we are in need of at this time.  Items on our wish list are used for a wide range of needs at Vermont Children's Hospital.  Our main priority is to provide children and families with the tools that they need to establish some normalcy in what can be a potentially stressful environment.

***We currently have a high need for infant and adolescent items.  Please see our Amazon wish list for suggestions!***


To shop our Wish List, please click here. If you send a donation from our Amazon wish list, please include your name and contact information so that we may properly thank you for your donation!

What Kinds of items are we looking for?

 Teaching Tools:  Teaching tools help child life specialists to educate and prepare children about any medical interventions they may face either with themselves or a family member.  Preparing children helps to build confidence and knowledge so that children can face medical interventions or possible changes in their family with the proper support and care required.

 Distraction/Coping Items:  Distraction and coping items are utilized during procedures.  Children benefit from having a plan made prior to any medical interventions so they have a sense of control in an otherwise uncontrolled environment.  These tools help to focus the attention of the child and can help ease anxiety during a variety of medical procedures.

Arts and Crafts:  We utilize a variety of arts and craft activities, some more therapeutic aimed at self-expression and others purely diversional.

Games:  Everybody needs a little fun!

DVD’s:  We stock an assortment of movies to entertain children and teens.  Nothing “R” rated, please!  We love having multiple copies, as well.  New releases are always in high demand!

Video Games:  We have Game Cube, X-Box 360, Playstation 2 and 3, Wii, and DS systems.  Please make sure games are rated “E” for everyone!

Music:  To soothe and entertain.

 DIY Projects for Donators:

Some donors prefer to make something for our pediatric patients.  Handmade gifts are always appreciated.  Sometimes large groups want to do a drive of some sort to raise items for hospitalized children. 

The following items have been successful in the past (please contact our donation hotline for “how to” questions):