Maureen and Kelly Eddy

Sisters Maureen and Kelly Eddy share much: a love for reading, a talent for laughing, and a passion for living. They also share the same medical problem – cystic fibrosis.

Laurie and Jonathan Eddy had no idea they were both carriers of the gene that causes cystic fibrosis. When their first daughter, Maureen, had numerous health issues during the first few years of her life, they assumed it was because she had been born six weeks premature. It wasn’t until their younger daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with the disease that they learned both girls have it.

At first they were in shock. But with the help of the Vermont Children’s Hospital, the Eddy’s learned how to manage the disease.

The sisters have learned to cope with the many complications of cystic fibrosis. They’ve faced variations in treatment and surgeries, but they both remain positive and outgoing about their challenges. They openly talk about their illness. Maureen even lets her friends try on her cystic fibrosis vest that helps break up the fluid in her lungs. Maureen and Kelly are true champions. Through all of their challenges, they have not let their health interfere with their lives.