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Cancer Surgery: What You Need To Know

Our cancer surgeons, known as surgical oncologists, are dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients with lumps, tumors or cancers. Surgical oncologists are most commonly involved in the complex treatment of the following types of cancer:

We also treat the following tumors:

Endocrine Tumors
Evaluation (including ultrasound imaging) and management of patients with endocrine tumors (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal) is currently provided. The division of Surgical Oncology is developing a multidisciplinary clinic and program in collaboration with the division of Endocrinology.

Liver Tumors
A new multidisciplinary program has been developed for evaluation and management of patients with liver tumors. In addition to conventional liver resection and systemic chemotherapy, minimally invasive and open radio-frequency techniques (which heat tumor nodules to a very high and lethal temperature) are utilized and pumps for directing chemotherapy directly into the liver are surgically placed.

To facilitate evaluation, management decisions and therapy, a multidisciplinary conference involving interventional radiology, surgical oncology and medical oncology has been developed. This multidisciplinary team participates in a national cooperative-group trial of these techniques. Surgical Oncology has taken major clinical, academic and administrative responsibility for the initiation of this program to lead efforts in this area.

Complex and Unusual Tumors
The division of Surgical Oncology provides Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont College of Medicine with a dedicated team for surgical evaluation and management of patients with complex and unusual tumors. An inpatient and outpatient consultation service is offered for Fletcher Allen patients and for patients from other regional facilities.

Cancer Surgeons in Burlington, VT

At Fletcher Allen, your cancer surgeon is trained in General Surgery with specialized training and expertise in cancer surgery. Our surgical oncologists are dedicated to providing:


As a university hospital, our faculty and staff not only care for patients, but pass on their skills and knowledge to the next generation of physicians and surgeons, performing as teachers in their academic roles as faculty at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

In addition, the faculty and staff are regularly involved in teaching at local and national conferences and meetings targeting both continuing medical and professional education, and community and public education regarding cancer and cancer care.

What does this mean to you as a patient? These important activities assure you of the very best care that is based upon the very latest thinking in the field.

Cancer Surgery at Fletcher Allen

Receiving care at a university hospital means that on any given day, your care team may include:

  • Medical students
  • Surgical residents
  • Primary care residents

These individuals are all members of the health care team and, under the faculty surgeon's supervision, regularly contribute to patient care and management. These are highly selected individuals who are sworn to confidentiality and the ethics of medicine.

Medical students are in training to become physicians. Residents are skilled physicians who have often completed many years of training on their way to becoming fully credentialed specialists.

Surgical Oncology Research

The primary objective of the research program of the Division of Surgical Oncology is laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical research in cancer that impacts upon the surgical care of cancer patients, especially the patients under the care of the personnel of Surgical Oncology.

The research is of the highest scientific and ethical caliber covering the spectrum from fundamental and translational investigations to pilot studies and to Phase I, II, and III clinical trials.

All Surgical Oncology faculty participate in the research activities and all research projects move toward and achieve peer-reviewed funding. Also, Surgical Oncology supports local and cooperative group trials and other oncologic research efforts of the other clinical oncology disciplines, other surgical divisions with oncologic interests, and the Vermont Cancer Center.

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