Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment in Burlington, VT

Though many of the above words may sound intimidating, you should know that a great deal of progress has been made in cancer care in recent years. For many of these treatments, side effects have been greatly reduced.

Skin cancer treatment options at Fletcher Allen include:

  • Surgery - including removal of  the original malignancy as well as surrounding tissue
  • Immune therapy – treatments aimed at stimulating the immune system to control or prevent melanoma 
  • Chemotherapy – use of medical treatments, including pills taken through the mouth, to control or prevent melanoma
  • Radiation therapy – in some cases, radiation therapy may be used to prevent recurrence

Our Melanoma Multidisciplinary Clinic includes a skilled team of cancer surgeons who have specialty training in the techniques of sentinel node biopsy.

Skin Cancer Specialized Programs

The moment that you learn you have cancer, everything changes - and yet, while you cope with this diagnosis, your daily life, with all its demands, carries on. Our multidisciplinary team supports you as you integrate your treatment into your life, providing you with the information and support you need to get through this experience. 

Here are some specialized programs we offer to meet your needs:

  • Cancer Patient Support Program - We offer the services of two  psychologists, a dietician and a social worker free-of-charge as well as support groups and other wellness and educational programs. 
  • Long-Term Surveillance Clinic - Peace of mind is invaluable.  You’ll know that you have a team working hard to prevent a recurrence of your cancer.
  • Familial Cancer - For those who have a family history of melanoma, we provide risk assessments, genetic testing and counseling and personalized cancer screening. 
  • Lymphedema Treatment - For those who suffer from lymphedema - a swelling of the arm or breast that can result from melanoma surgery - the Lymphedema Clinic offers evaluation, and general physical rehabilitation medicine. 

Learn more about skin cancer (Melanoma) diagnosis.

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