Cancer Patient Support Program

Cancer Support at Fletcher Allen Health Care

Fletcher Allen in Burlington, VT, provides family support services to cancer patients and family members through a variety Programs. 

The Cancer Patient Support Program

There are two licensed psychologists, a dietitian, and a social worker who are members of the Cancer Patient Support Program at Fletcher Allen and offer educational and emotional support to patients and families individually and/or in groups. The CPSP web site has more information about the services they provide. 

In addition, we offer our patients a variety of specialized support programs.

  • Social services consultation
  • Financial services consultation
  • Psychology and psychiatry support

Pyschological Support at Fletcher Allen

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be one of the most difficult challenges a woman, or man, will face.  Fear, anxiety, and depression are just a few of the emotions that may be experienced.  The Cancer Patient Support Program (CPSP) is a comprehensive support service designed for cancer patients and their families.

The CPSP provides support at the Breast Care Center beginning in the Multidisciplinary Clinic where patients meet with the surgeon and radiation and medical oncologists to develop a treatment plan.  A clinical psychologist meets with patients during the Multidisciplinary Clinic, providing a folder with information about CPSP services.

The psychologist assesses distress and recommends what interventions are needed to enable patients to participate fully in the treatment process.  Support services are also available to patients diagnosed with recurrence or those who have developed metastatic disease.

This face-to-face contact along with other services including individual and family counseling, nutritional counseling, support groups, and educational programs all contribute to helping patients realize they are not alone and help is available.