Fletcher Allen Cancer Committee

Cancer Committee at Fletcher Allen

The purpose of the Cancer Committee is to plan, initiate, stimulate and assess cancer-related activities of Fletcher Allen Health Care as required by the American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer for institutional accreditation.  To achieve these goals, the Cancer Committee:

  • Develops and evaluates the annual goals and objectives for the clinical, educational and programmatic activities related to cancer.
  • Promotes a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach to patient management. 
  • Ensures that educational and consultative cancer conferences cover major sites and related issues.
  • Ensures that an active supportive care system is in place for patients, families and staff.
  • Monitors quality management and improvement through completion of quality management studies that focus on quality, access to care and outcomes
  • Promotes clinical research
  • Supervises the Cancer Data Registry and ensures accurate and timely abstracting, staging and follow-up reporting.
  • Performs quality control of registry data.
  • Encourages data usage and regular reporting.
  • Upholds medical ethical standards.

Physician Representatives: 

William Brundage, MD (Otolaryngology)

Gerald S. Davis, MD  (Pulmonology) Committee Vice Chair

Kim Dittus, MD (Medical Oncology)

George Gentchos, MD (Diagnostic Radiology)

Maureen Harmon, MD (Pathology)

Ruth Heimann, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Neil Hyman, MD (Surgery)

Ted James, MD (Surgical Oncology)

Ursula McVeigh, MD (Palliative Care)

Julia Moukharskaya, MD (Hematology/Oncology Fellow)

J. Chris Nunnink, MD (Medical Oncology)

Patricia O’Brien, MD (Medical Oncology)

Michelle Sowden, DO (Surgical Oncology) Committee Chair, Cancer Liaison Physician

Claire Verschraegen, MD (Medical Oncology) Co-Director Vermont Cancer Center

Other Representatives:  

Angela Bastian (Director Health Information Management)

Amy Bertrand (American Cancer Society Patient Navigator)

Joan Blondin (Quality Institute)

David Cranmer (Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer)

Brent Devenney, RN, OCN (Clinical Program coord, lung/melanoma/head/neck multidisciplinary clinics)

Stephanie Fraser, MSW (Social Worker)

Ann Gray, CTR (Fletcher Allen Cancer Data Registry)

Penrose Jackson (Community Health Improvement)

Nicholas Jaidar (Supervisor Hematology/Oncology)

Summer Ladd, CTR (Fletcher Allen Cancer Data Registry)

Kim Luebbers, RN (Director Clinical Research)

Sharon Mallory (Vermont Cancer Plan Coordinator)

Kathleen McBeth, MSW (Psychologist)

Wendy McKinnon (Genetics Counselor)

Carol Muzzy (Director Regulatory Readiness)

Kim O’Leary (Communications)

Barbara Segal, RN (Palliative Care)

Kerry Stanley, LICSW (Patient Navigator Cancer Center)

Elizabeth Steckel (Community Outreach Manager)

Gary Stein, PhD (Co-director of Vermont Cancer Center)

Lisa Thompson, CTR (Fletcher Allen Cancer Data Registry)

Maureen Tremblay, MSN, RN, OCN (Oncology Nurse Manager, Inpatient)

Susan Webber (Cancer Program Administrator)

Kimberly B. Woods, PT (Manager, Rehabilitation Services)