Parking Information - Medical Center Campus


Parking Garage Information

Patient and visitor parking is located in the underground parking garage adjacent to the main entrance on the Medical Center Campus.

Entrances into the hospital and to outpatient services are on each level of the garage. Information desks are located on Level 2 and level 3 to help guide you to your destination.

A drop-off area is located at the main entrance. Curbside assistance is offered to patients who need help getting into and out of their vehicles.

Valet parking is offered at the main entrance, Monday-Friday, from
6 am-5 pm, for $8 per car. After 9 pm, contact our Security Department at (802) 847-2812.

Current rates are as follows:

















Free re-entry to the garage is not permitted.

Discounted Parking Coupon Books

All day Coupon books cost $35.00 (half price)

10 Coupons per book = $3.50 per day

2-hour Coupon books cost $12.50 (half price)

10 Coupons per book = $1.25 for 2 hours of parking

3-hour Coupon Books cost $20.00

10 Coupons per book = $2.00 for 3 hours of parking


Patients and visitors with financial difficulties may speak with the Fletcher Allen Lobby attendant at the main entrance or contact Fletcher Allen Security, Room 401, Engineering Building (847-2812).

Handicapped Parking
Patients and visitors who display a valid state handicapped parking permit or license plate may park for free in the parking garage.

Additional Parking Information
Any additional questions about parking may be directed to Fletcher Allen Security at (802) 847-2812.