In Service to Medicine: A Vermont Approach to HIV Care for 25 Years

Celebrating 25 years of HIV care in Vermont

In Service to Medicine: A Vermont Approach to HIV Care

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In 1987, a team of Vermont colleagues came together to build a statewide network – the Comprehensive Care Clinics – to provide HIV/AIDS patients with safe, accessible, personalized care. Back then, the goal of the program was to develop a model of care for those with a deadly and complex disease that could be delivered in a rural state such as Vermont.

The first clinic was established at Fletcher Allen in 1987, about five years after the first reported case of the disease in Vermont. The opening of other clinics followed in the 1990s in Rutland, Brattleboro and St. Johnsbury.

Today, with improved medications, the response to the disease has changed. People have stopped dying and patients are living longer and have almost normal life spans. The new expectation is that you can live with HIV. But there is a need to have a structure in place to provide medication, monitor patients, and keep them strong.

Infectious disease specialist Christopher Grace, M.D., professor at the UVM College of Medicine, has been at the forefront of the extraordinary transformation of medical care since the first AIDS patient was identified 25 years ago. Learn more from Dr. Grace and his colleagues about the challenges to address the needs of rural populations, and how the Comprehensive Care Clinic approach was unique for treating people with HIV/AIDS.


Hear Fletcher Allen infectious disease specialist Christopher Grace, M.D. and Deborah Kutzko, A.P.R.N. discuss the history of HIV treatment in Vermont.


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