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Discover why Dr. James thinks there's a better way to help caregivers improve their skills.

"Like Olympic athletes, we're always trying to push ourselves to get better."

The Clinical Simulation Lab at Fletcher Allen

In collaboration with the University of Vermont, The Clinical Simulation Lab at Fletcher Allen is a state-of-the-art training facility that allows health care professionals to practice clinical procedures in a safe learning environment.

The 12,600 square foot "virtual hospital" is equipped with a multi-purpose room that can function as a simulated Operating Room, Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit. The Sim Lab offers a professional skills/task training lab with high-tech manikins, like Harvey®, for learning to perform procedures such as drawing blood, lumbar punctures and insertion of IV lines, as well as for practicing surgical skills.

With the goal of improving quality and safety of care, the clinical simulation lab serves as a hub in the training medical and nursing students, physical therapy students, medical residents, physicians, nurses, community EMTs and Vermont National Guard.

For more information call 802-656-313.

Simulation 2.0: A Test Lab for Health Care Transformation

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