In service to the PATIENT since 1879 - Barry's Story

Find out what a clinical trial did for Barry when a health condition put him at risk for stroke.

"When I turn 80, I'm going heli-skiing for the last time. Because of my wife, not my heart."

About Treatment for Irregular Heart Beats (Arrhythmias)

At Fletcher Allen, we're proud to be among a select group of medical centers able to provide the highest level of care to patients with arrhythmias. Our specially trained heart rhythm team includes internationally recognized experts, several of whom were recruited from the world-renowned Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Institute, a center on the frontiers of heart rhythm care.

Clinical Trials at Fletcher Allen

As a university hospital, Fletcher Allen continually pursues better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, and treat medical conditions through medical research. By participating in clinical trials, Fletcher Allen can offer patients immediate access to treatments not available anywhere else. And these discoveries not only improve care for people like Barry Stone who received his Watchman device at Fletcher Allen, but across the country and around the world.