Winter 2014

01. Are Your Goals for Healthy Eating Vague - or SMART?


DID YOU SET A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT? Resolutions are a great way to kick-start change and work towards a healthier you.

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02. A Helpful Heads Up about Concussions


PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO PLAY CONTACT SPORTS have been asking Dr. Lewis First about the best ways to help their child recover from a concussion. In this "First with Kids" video, Dr. First covers the basics of what a parent should do...

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03. How to Stay Connected


SOCIAL CONTACT IS AN IMPORTANT ASPECT OF LIFE. We human beings are social creatures with an emotional need for relationships and positive connections to others. We’re not meant to survive, let alone thrive, in isolation. Here are some...

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04. A Personalized Plan for Mental Health


MENTAL HEALTH PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE in our overall wellbeing. Our mental health affects how we think, feel and act. And it influences how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. A Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or WRAP, can...

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05. Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Sage


SAGE HAS BEEN HELD IN HIGH REGARD for its culinary and medicinal properties. Its scientific name is derived from the Latin word "salver" which means "to be saved." Some studies show that this herb may be helpful as an antioxidant and...

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06. Seven Simple Exercises for Work or Home


WITH THE WINTER WEATHER WELL UNDERWAY, you may find it challenging to get in the daily exercises you normally do outside. Try these seven simple exercises that you can do at home or at work. You can also park further away from your...

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07. Access Your Medical Record Online


VIEW TEST RESULTS, pay bills, renew prescriptions and send messages to your provider’s office – all from your computer. MyHealth Online is an easy-to-use and secure website personalized to give you electronic access to your medical record.

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