Spring 2014

01. How to Run Your First 5K


HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT RUNNING A 5K but don’t know how to get started? We have it covered. A 5K race is possible for anyone with nine weeks of training. And it’s not all running: Fletcher Allen has a popular Couch to 5K program that...

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02. Reduce Your Water Use


THE AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY USES 300-400 GALLONS OF WATER per day at home. As our population grows, we need to be careful and not use up this limited resource. Dr. Lewis First has some great suggestions for how parents can collaborate...

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03. The Importance of Smart Driving


OUR BODIES, ABILITIES AND SKILLS CHANGE AS WE AGE. All of those changes can affect our ability to drive. A smart driver course can help drivers refresh their driving skills and provide new strategies for how to adapt to personal changes...

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04. How to Handle Sibling Adjustment


THE ADDITION OF A NEW CHILD TO YOUR FAMILY CAN BE TOUGH FOR SIBLINGS. Bringing a new baby into your older child’s life may be one of the most challenging things he or she has had to deal with up until now, but it eventually will also...

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05. Lettuce Greens and Cilantro Lime Dressing


NOW THAT SPRING IS HERE, FRESH LETTUCE IS APPEARING IN LOCAL MARKETS. After a long winter of roasts and soups and other hearty fare, it’s time to dig into something light, crispy, and refreshing. Lettuce comes in many different...

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06. Curious about Yoga?


YOGA IS EVERYWHERE. Maybe you haven’t tried it yet, but you’ll admit to being yoga curious. Luckily, there is nothing difficult about starting a yoga practice. You don’t have to be fit, you don’t have to fit into skinny little...

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07. HealthSource Classes


FLETCHER ALLEN'S SPRING HEALTHSOURCE classes offer helpful tips and information on smart driving, pain management, weight gain and menopause, memory loss, yoga and much more.

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08. Community Medical School


THE COMMUNITY MEDICAL SCHOOL FREE LECTURE SERIES provides people in the community with an opportunity to share in the medical learning experience. This spring, learn about the links between personality traits and psychiatric disorders...

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09. MyHealth Online


VIEW TEST RESULTS, pay bills, renew prescriptions and send messages to your provider’s office – all from your computer. MyHealth Online is an easy-to-use and secure website personalized to give you electronic access to your medical...

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