Center for Health Care Management

Good medicine and good business are not mutually exclusive

In fact, knowing how to operate a clinical practice or delivery system efficiently and effectively can improve patient care.

In this rapidly changing and complex environment it is important that providers and administrators are given the tools to successfully navigate the health care delivery system. Management and leadership education has generally been overlooked in medical school*, and often physicians are asked to run a division, department or service line and not provided with resources to build skills in management and leadership. 

Core to the philosophy of the Center is our belief that the application of sound business principles by empowered providers will create the most efficient health care delivery system and provide the most value to the physician-patient relationship.

The mission of the Center is to leverage Fletcher Allen's clinical and academic competencies in education, research and outreach in partnership with the University of Vermont to generate and disseminate innovative approaches to the delivery of care. We will accomplish this by providing education, innovation and research.

* Barzansky, B. & S.I.Etzel. "Education programs in US medical schools 2002-2003." Journal of the American Medical Association, 2003, 1190-1196.

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