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See Fletcher Allen bicycle, pedestrian and general safety tips.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Bicycle Safety Fair Prop Kits

Safe Kids Vermont loans out Bicycle Fair Prop Kits, which include all the basics that you need to host a bicycle safety fair in your community, at no cost.  The kits are available at host locations around the state on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To reserve a kit, contact the host in your area.  

Discount Helmet Program 2013

Bell Sports

Bell Helmet Bicycle Order Form

Bell Helmet "True Fit" Helmet Order Form

Bell Helmet Multi-Sport Helmet Order Form

Bell Helmet Application for Credit & Tax Form


Children N Safety: Helmet Order Form

Children N Safety: Tips to Run a Successful Program

Helmets R Us

Safe Kids Vermont works with helmet distributors to offer schools and community providers access to bike, multi-sport and ski helmets at deep discount prices that meet all safety standards. High quality and low prices!

Help keep our kids active and safe! Make a “No Helmet No Ride” rule at home and on school grounds, and make it easier for families to afford helmets by working with one of these great helmet companies.

Contact each distributor directly (see inset box) with your orders and questions. Click on the links for order forms. Mention Safe Kids Vermont when you order to ensure the best prices.

Helmet Safety

Safe Kids - Helmet Fit Test (Video)

Safe Kids - Helmet Fit Test (Tip Sheet)

Safe Kids - Bicycling and Skating Tips (Tip Sheet)

PHaT for all Seasons

PHAT (Protect Head at All Times) is a helmet advocacy program created in 2002.  The original program focused on education and advocacy for skiers and riders to wear helmets for a safer experience on the slopes. PHaT has expanded to a year-round helmet advocacy program promoting helmet use for all sports and recreation for every season.  This expansion, and the education and advocacy work has been possible through partnerships with other agencies, such as, Local Motion and the Vermont Department of Health.

General Safety

Safe Kids Buckle-Up - Child Passenger Safety

Need assistance installing your seat? We can help! Car seat inspections are now being offered at Fletcher Allen.

Inspections are offered Tuesday through Friday, by appointment and will be provided at the main hospital campus. Please call 802-847-2278 for an appointment.

To set up educational presentations or other outreach within Chittenden County, please call 802-847-1215 or email Ann Weinstein.

The state wide Child Passenger Safety Program can be located at

Fire Safe Vermont

Fire kills people of all ages, but those under age 5 are particularly vulnerable. Fires and burns are one of the leading causes of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under.

  • Provides leadership, support and resources to communities and organizations statewide
  • Educates families about fire prevention and safety including; smoke detectors, escape
     plans, and safe cooking practices.
  • Provides assistance to programs that distribute free or low-cost safety devices to families.

Poison Prevention

The Northern New England Poison Center (NNEPC) is a certified regional center serving Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The NNEPC provides fast, accurate information and expert advice. To reach the Poison Center, call 1-800-222-1222, toll-free 24 hours a day 7 days a week, confidential TTY and interpreter service available.

In addition to answering poison-related phone calls, the NNEPC has a Vermont educator providing community education around general poison prevention tips, medication safety, drug abuse (i.e. prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, street drugs), inhalant abuse and environmental exposures.

Contact: Gayle Finkelstein, MSRN Vermont Poison Prevention Educator 802-847-2393

Youth Sports Safety Program

Safe Kids Vermont works with the Vermont Athletic Trainers Association to offer sports safety training to parents, coaches, athletes and primary care providers.  Trainings focus on a specific sport, injury or audience.  To learn more and get connected with an athletic trainer in your community contact us. 


Safe Kids Vermont is eligible to apply for grants from Safe Kids USA.  These grants provide program materials, giveaway items and at times financial support for specific activities.  SKV partners with schools and communities around the state to take advantage of these grant opportunities.

  • SKV grants received to date:
  • International Walk to School Day (pedestrian safety)
  • Halloween (pedestrian safety)
  • National Bike Day (bike safety)
  • Start Safe Travel Program (pedestrian & child passenger safety with Head Start)
  • Sports Injury Prevention Program

For more information on Safe Kid USA grant programs  or contact SKV if your school or community is interested in participating in one of these programs. 

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