New ICU Waiting Area Opens

ICUA new intensive care unit waiting room opened this month, creating a beautiful, warm refuge from the difficult days of waiting for families of critically ill and injured patients. 

The new space, located on McClure 3, features beautiful colors and comfortable seating, and complementary artwork on the walls. There is a kitchen area and two computers, as well as a large flat screen television.  

The evolution of this new space ties back to work that has been underway since we first debuted our culture of ONE, focusing on our service as a team to the patient, community and medicine – and reflecting research with our patients and staff on how to create a patient-centered environment. The space was also made possible through the planning of a multidisciplinary group that included Facilities and patient care staff.   The artwork was selected by Frank Ittleman (who donated one of the pieces), Jan Carroll, Kristi Bogner, and Burlington City Arts.   

The space also benefits from decisions made that address issues such as noise in the hallways. The project included turning shell space in the McClure Hub into a new consult room for physicians, thereby reducing noise in the hallways, relocation of pharmacy and nurse management staff. 

“Our goal is to create the best possible environment for our patients and their families,” says Kristi Bogner, facility planner. “For those families who are here for loved one in our intensive care units, we wanted to create a nurturing environment.”