Non-Profit Status

Fletcher Allen is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Its Board of Trustees meet monthly to represent a cross-section of the communities served by Fletcher Allen, including members from each of the four predecessor organizations (Fanny Allen Hospital, Medical Center Hospital of Vermont, University Health Center, and the University of Vermont).

Each summer, members of BISHCA, with assistance from the Public Oversight Commission review Fletcher Allen's proposed budget and closely and frequently scrutinize its income statement and balance sheet. Every dollar, every asset and the bottom line are endorsed and approved in advance of each fiscal year to assure that our citizens' health care dollars are expended productively.

Fletcher Allen publishes a Community Benefit Plan each year as an ongoing assessment of service area health care needs and to translate those needs into a coordinated approach to patient care. This work is conducted under standards of social accountability and community benefit as developed by the organization.

The Community Benefit Plan utilizes the input and expertise of community leaders through key information sessions, in assessing community needs and developing appropriate and sound solutions to identified problems.

Community Benefit

Community Benefit Summary FY2012

Community Benefit Summary FY2012 Fletcher Allen works in a number of ways to improve the health of the communities we serve by addressing the health problems of medically underserved populations in our region. We track these community benefit activities using the guidelines developed by the Catholic Health Association of America, Inc. in cooperation with VHA Inc., which have now been incorporated in the Internal Revenue Service’s Form 990 filings for non-profit hospitals. In fiscal year 2012, Fletcher Allen’s community benefit activities totaled $159.4 million. This amount is 17.5% of Fletcher Allen's functional expenses spent on community benefit activities, such as charity care, community programming, and subsidizing health professions education. 

 Community benefit offerings:

  • Direct financial assistance to patients who have financial difficulties: $7.7 million (in actual costs)
  • Community programs (including the value of staff time as quantified through the Community Benefit Inventory of Social Accountability/CBISA survey) and direct grants to other community based organizations whose work advances our mission: $3.9 million
  • Subsidies for essential services and programs that benefit our community (such as FACT and Mental Health services): $64.6 million
  • Underpayments from Medicaid and other public programs (not including Medicare): $83.1 million

For more information on the Community Benefit Program at Fletcher Allen, please contact Penrose Jackson at or by calling 802-847-2278.