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mother baby project

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Providing high-value maternity care is a core service of Fletcher Allen. We are privileged to deliver more than 2,000 babies a year to families in Vermont and northern New York, and we serve as regional referral center for high-risk pregnancies. Today, our ante-partum and post-partum inpatient facilities are 50-70 years old, and a renovated space will provide patients with an up-to-date unit that conforms to contemporary health care guidelines. We have recently received state approval to proceed with plans to renovate our Mother-Baby unit on the medical center campus in Burlington.

Mother-Baby Project FAQs 

What is changing?  

The maternity unit will move to the same floor as the birthing center. The new unit will feature 28 beds in 25 patient rooms, plus an additional three “boarder” rooms for discharged mothers whose babies remain inpatients. This will allow us to offer mothers and babies single-occupancy rooms the vast majority of the time. 

mother baby project

Why are we doing this now?

Now is the right time to invest in updating our facilities, some of which are 50 to 70 years old. They have served us well and we’ve gotten great use out of them. However, they need to be replaced or remodeled to meet today’s hospital design standards.

  • Currently, many of Fletcher Allen’s inpatient rooms, including our maternity rooms, are double rooms that do not provide adequate space for patient care or privacy for new moms and their families.
  • Newer, more spacious rooms will also improve quality of care by allowing us to continue to effectively practice infection prevention, one of our highest priorities.

What will this cost, and how can the hospital afford it?

The Mother-Baby project will cost $15.8M. Like any prudent family or business planning big projects, Fletcher Allen has been putting aside funds into our reserves for the past several years to support these projects. We have also been receiving donations to support this effort, and will continue to engage interested donors and community members. For the Mother-Baby project, we aim to raise $3 million by philanthropic means, through a steering committee which includes physicians, staff and community members.  

Who has been involved in the process?

The planning process for designing a new Mother-Baby Unit has been very inclusive, and represents input from physicians, staff and patients from many areas of the hospital.

What’s the project timeline?

Construction began in 2013 and we anticipate it will be complete by mid-2015.  

Who is doing the construction for this project?

PC Construction of South Burlington is the construction manager for this project. They have partnered with us on 14 projects over the past ten years, including our inpatient psychiatry unit, our Orthopedic Specialty Center, and our LEED-certified Radiation Oncology facility. MorrisSwitzer~ Environments for Health of Willistonis the project architect. MorrisSwitzer designed our Vermont Children’s Hospital inpatient unit, the Walk-In Clinic and inpatient units at Fanny Allen, and several other Fletcher Allen projects in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.   

Who can I contact with questions?

Dave Keelty, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, at 802-847-8443 or  

mother baby project