Cafeteria Reopens with Healthier Choices, Focus on Local Food

(Burlington, VT)  One of the main cafeterias at Fletcher Allen Health Care is reopening today with a wider selection of healthier choices than previously available at that location including organic, whole grain, vegetarian and gluten-free foods as well as smaller portion options and fewer sweetened beverages.  It has been closed since May for renovations.

The Main Street Café is one of two cafeterias located at the main hospital in Burlington that serve approximately 6,000 meals per day to visitors, staff and patients.  Its counterpart, The Harvest Café, was similarly reoriented several years ago and serves as a showpiece for a wide variety of Vermont products from beef to vegetables to dairy items.

In addition to the new offerings and remodeled space, visitors will encounter educational features on the theme of “Food Matters” to help them understand the health benefits of local foods.  Nutritional tips will also be displayed.

The expanded options are being offered as part of Fletcher Allen’s nationally recognized program to serve sustainably produced and organic food purchased locally whenever possible. Fletcher Allen spends approximately $1.5 million onVermont products each year, and hosts educational programs for healthcare food service professionals on creating their own sustainable programs.

The Main St Café is located on the 3rd floor of the Baird building, and will be open Monday-Friday from 6:30 am to 2 pm.