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Here is a collection of 15-minute interviews with Fletcher Allen providers and staff containing information about various diseases, treatments and services, and expert commentary on current health care issues.

A Silent Killer


Thousands of people are at risk for dangerous blood clots that can travel to your lungs or heart. Learn about symptoms, prevention and treatment from Dr. Margaret Kennedy

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Choices and Voices

breast care

This year's Breast Cancer Conference is designed to help women with breast cancer become advocates for the type of care they want. Learn more from co-chairs Dr. Patti O'Brien and psychologist Kathy McBeth.

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A Lot of Nerve


How does back pain sometimes go all the way to your feet? It's because the biggest nerve in your body travels all that way. And the pain it can cause is big, too. Surgeon Bruce Tranmer explains.​

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2,000 Babies


That's how many deliveries happen at Fletcher Allen each year. Nurse Manager Khris Vroegop describes the care provided to new moms and babies, and big improvements to their hospital experience that are underway. ​

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How Genomics Will Change Medicine


Dr. Debra Leonard explains the role of pathologists in medicine, and the major role genetics will play in customizing treatment for patients. 

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What is Blue Wrap?


You might not think there is much to recycle in an Operating Room, but Monique Citro has found innovative ways to add to Fletcher Allen's green efforts.

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Limiting Weather Damage to Your Skin


Sun, wind, dry air - they can all damage your skin, and the impact can increase as you age.  Debra Roseman, PA of our Dermatology clinic provides tips for keeping your skin healthy.

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Trait or Illness?


How can you tell if someone has a personality disorder, or just has a troubling personality? Dr. David Rettew sorts out the differences between traits and mental illness.

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The Latest on MS


Vermont has one of the highest rates of Multiple Sclerosis in the U.S. Fortunately advanced care is available at Fletcher Allen's MS Center. Director Angela Applebee, MD has details and news on the latest treatments.  

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The Power of Simple Steps

dr ades

Exercise is key to preventing heart disease. and can also keep people healty after they experience problems. Leading Expert Dr. Philip Ades explains why, and offers tips on heart health.

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The Other Kind of Stem Cells


The use of stem cells in disease research gets the headlines, but just as interesting is how your own stem cells are used to cure advanced blood cancers. Dr. Julian Sprague has the details.

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Give Change to Make Change

Big Change Roundup

The Power of Change

Dr. Lewis First talks about how our youngest patients benefit from the "Big Change Roundup for Kids" - the largest fundraiser of the year for Vermont Children's Hospital.  Learn how easy it is to get involved at

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Promising Prostate Cancer Research

Gary Stein, PhD

Find out about research projects at the Vermont Cancer Center that co-director Gary Stein, PhD says are leading the way nationally.

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Winning an Infection Battle

Dialysis Infection

Fletcher Allen played a lead role in creating new national guidelines for preventing bloodstream infections in dialysis patients. Infection Prevention Manager Sally Hess has the details on this and other infection successes.

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Do Not Run into Trouble

Nathan Nelms

Running is a great way to stay in shape, but it is important to do it in a way that doesn't impact your bones and joints. Dr. Nathan Nelms of Fletcher Allen's orthopedic team has tips. View bio of Dr. Nathaniel Nelms, orthopedic doctor.

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A New Way to Deliver Health Care

Todd Moore

Medicare patients in Vermont may notice their doctor stressing wellness more, and providing support between appointments. It's part of a new model of care that Fletcher Allen and Dartmouth Hitchcock are leading. Todd Moore of OneCare Vermont explains.

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Winning the AIDS Battle

Christopher Grace

25 years ago Fletcher Allen developed a model for AIDS care that is used around the country. Dr. Christopher Grace and Deborah Kutzko, APRN tell the incredible story of how the disease, and care for it, has changed since the late 1980’s.  

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You're the Captain

Dr. Joel Schnure

Dr. Joel Schnure says that physicians who care for diabetes patients are the "admirals", but the patient is the "captain of the ship" because it's up to them to manage this complex disease every day. And that's why good patient education is so important, as he explains. View Dr. Schnure's bio.  

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Reducing Exposure to Antibiotics in Food

Nutrition Services Director Diane Imrie

If the meat you eat was produced with too many antibiotics, it could make it harder to cure infections you might get. Nutrition Services Director Diane Imrie explains how Fletcher Allen is tackling this problem. For more information about Nutrition Services at Fletcher Allen, go to

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Help Make Care for Kids Better

Lisa Emerson

Vermont Children's Hospital is looking for former patients and their family members to share their ideas on how to make the great care we provide even better.  Find out how you can get involved.  

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It's a Bigger Problem Than You Might Think

Sexual Assaults in Vermont

Hundreds of Vermonters are victims of sexual assaults every year, and hundreds more cases go unreported.  Specially trained nurses at Fletcher Allen partner with Hope Works and other community organizations to help survivors with their medical, emotional, legal and other needs. Learn more in this interview.

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Does Cancer Run in Your Family?


Genetic counselor Wendy McKinnon of the Vermont Cancer Center talks about the role of genetic testing in determining if you have a higher than normal risk of getting cancer.

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Top Rating


The Vermont Cancer Center just received the highest rating possible from the national Commission on Cancer.  Here's an overview of the care available to patients and the advanced research underway from the VCC's leaders: Drs. Claire Verschraegen and Ruth Heimann, and Gary Stein PhD.  View Dr. Vershraegen's bio.

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Level 1 Trauma Center

9156audio_fortune_trauma_ctr.jpg John Fortune, M.D., Medical Director of Trauma Surgery and Director of the Burn Program talks about Fletcher Allen’s newly re-certified Level I Trauma Center, one of only 100 such facilities in the nation and the only one in Vermont and northern New York. The Trauma Center team provides specialized treatment to nearly 2,000 patients every year.  View Dr. Fortune's bio

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Patient-Centered Medical Home


Fletcher Allen is in the forefront of developing a new model for primary care delivery. Dr. Jennifer Gilwee explains what a “medical home” is and how it can improve care and control costs.  View Dr. Gilwee's bio.

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Orthopedics and Hand Surgery


Each hand has 28 muscles and 27 bones, plus nerves, arteries, tendons, veins and soft tissue. You can see why it takes special training to be able to treat the many problems that can develop as we put our hands under stress every day. Dr. Michel Benoit is part of Fletcher Allen’s team of hand specialists, and he explains how he helps thousands of patients every year handle their issues with hands, wrists and elbows.  View Dr. Benoit's bio.

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Advances in Radiology


Imaging technology is allowing doctors to see more than ever before, and Fletcher Allen is lucky to have some of the most advanced equipment in the world. Dr. Kristen Destigter describes the advances in imaging, and why it is more important than ever to have specially trained radiologists to interpret these remarkable images.  View Dr. Destigter’s bio.

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Stroke Treatment and Research


Dr. Mark Gorman, a neurologist with the UVM Medical Group, discusses the warning signs and treatments for stroke and research underway at Fletcher Allen/UVM on new medications to break up clots in the brain.  The Stroke Center just received a quality care award from the American Stroke Association.  View Dr. Gorman's bio.

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Medical Research at UVM and Fletcher Allen


Dr. Ira Bernstein, Senior Associate Dean for Research at the UVM College of Medicine and a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Fletcher Allen, provides an overview of the nearly $100 million in medical research projects underway at both institutions, and how the public can get involved in clinical trials.  View Dr. Bernstein's bio.

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Infection Control Program


Dr. Kemper Alston discusses Fletcher Allen's aggressive infection control program and the progress he's seen in the past several years in lowering rates, which were already low in comparison to national figures.  View Dr. Alston's bio.

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Breast MRI Exams


Dr. Sally Herschorn, radiologist and director of Breast Imaging, explains why some women should get an MRI breast exam in addition to a mammogram, and why the test can be helpful in early detection of cancer.  View Dr. Herschorn's bio.

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The 30-Year Knee


Dr. Halsey describes a new advanced plastic implant Fletcher Allen is using in knee replacement surgeries, called Verilast, that lasts twice as long as current implants.  View Dr. Halsey's bio

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Vermont's Largest Restaurant


Half of the food in the 2 million meals Fletcher Allen serves each year comes from local or sustainable resources--including our own rooftop garden. Diane Imrie explains how Fletcher Allen has become a national leader in the movement to bring healthier food to health care organizations.

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Breast Cancer Surgery


Susan MacLennan, M.D., Fletcher Allen/UVM Plastic Surgeon, explains a new procedure allowing surgeons to remove a tumor and perform breast reconstruction.  View Dr. MacLennan's bio

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Dr. Donald Laub helps patients of all ages with their plastic surgery needs, but he’s also deeply involved in charitable work to repair the facial deformities of children in Third World countries.  He describes this interesting mix of medical care and the life-changing impact of his work both here and abroad.  View Dr. Laub's bio.

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A Second Surgery ?


Surgical oncologist Ted James was a key player in a major study that found no national standard for deciding when a woman needs additional surgery after a lumpectomy. He explains why and how this is impacting women with breast cancer.  View Dr. James' bio.

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Cross Cultural Care


Thousands of Vermonters are refugees from war torn areas, and need health care as they start their new lives.  Dr. Andrea Green provides that care to children, and relishes the rich exchange of information with her patients about what being healthy means, and how to achieve good health.  View Dr. Green's bio.

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A Lifesaving Option


Fletcher Allen is participating in a clinical trial of a procedure that replaces aortic valves without open heart surgery – a lifesaving option for many elderly patients who need a new valve, but can’t withstand a major operation. Drs. Harold Dauerman and Joseph Schmoker have the details.  View Dr. Dauerman's bio. View Dr. Schmoker's bio.

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Blocking Killer Clots


Cardiologists at Fletcher Allen are testing a way to stop clots from forming in the heart without using blood thinners. Dr. Daniel Lustgarten explains the advanced catheter technology that may prevent devastating strokes.  View Dr. Lustgarten's bio.

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Does This Smell Funny ? 


Problems with sense of smell affect up to 20% of Americans and reduced, lost or distorted smell can significantly lower quality of life.  Dr. Donald Leopold, a leading expert on this issue has recently joined the UVM Medical Group at Fletcher Allen and he explains what can be done about this vexing problem.  View Dr. Leopold's bio.

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Wake-Up Call 


Did you know getting less sleep than you need can double your risk of heart disease?  Sleep specialist Dr. Garrick Applebee explains that and other risks of poor sleep habits. View Dr. Applebee's bio.

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Catching Alzheimer's Early


New guidelines are leading doctors to focus on early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. William Pendlebury of Fletcher Allen’s Memory Center explains what this means for middle-aged people concerned about memory problems.  View Dr. Pendlebury's bio.

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Community Health Improvement Health Classes and Screenings


Thousands of Vermonters take advantage of free classes, health screenings, home visits and many other wellness and prevention programs offered by Fletcher Allen’s office of Community Health Improvement. Julie Cole of CHI gives an overview of what’s offered.

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Why So High ?


Surprisingly, Vermont has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the nation.  Dr. Glenn Goldman, director of Dermatology at Fletcher Allen, discusses prevention, symptoms and treatments including an advanced surgical procedure called MOHS.  View Dr. Goldman's bio.

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