Breast Cancer Treatment Survival Statistics

Fletcher Allen and National Survival Rates Comparison

National Cancer Database (NCDB) Survival Statistics show Fletcher Allen Health Care breast cancer survival rates compared favorably to national rates.  


The NCDB methodology is described as:  “providing users with unadjusted five-year observed survival rates. Rates are computed by the actuarial method, compounding survival in one-month intervals from the date of diagnosis, with death from any cause as the endpoint.

Survival rates are not displayed when fewer than 30 cases are available, as survival rates calculated from small numbers of cases can yield misleading results and may have very wide confidence intervals.”


Fletcher Allen Health Care compares favorably against national averages. 

  • Stage 3 disease the FAHC survival rate at 5 years was 79.2% compared with the national rate of 66.1%.  This is a statistically significant finding. 
  • For overall survival as well as stage 0, 1 and 2 the confidence intervals overlap the national average at 5 years indicating that there is no statistically significant difference for these stages. 
  • Fletcher Allen Health Care did not have enough cases of stage 4 breast cancer to allow for survival statistics on that patient population.   

Breast Care Survival - Fletcher Allen

Breast Survival Fletcher Allen 1

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Breast Care Survival - National

Breast Care Survival National 1

Breast Care Survival National 2