FY2014 Strategic Initiatives


Strategic Planning and Decision-Making

In 2012, led by President and CEO John Brumsted, M.D., with input from leaders throughout the organization, Fletcher Allen developed a three-year strategic plan for the years 2013-2106. The plan identifies three strategic areas of focus: High Reliability, Developing an Integrated Delivery System and Our People.

In creating this plan, Fletcher Allen looked at initiatives that are specific to Fletcher Allen and also important to developing an integrated delivery system with its affiliates through Fletcher Allen Partners: Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin, Vermont, and CVPH Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital in northern New York. These initiatives apply to Fletcher Allen and to Fletcher Allen Partners as a system.

Teams of employees have been formed to work on each initiative, develop measures for success and report quarterly on progress.

Strategic Initiatives

Teams of employees have been formed to work on each initiative, develop measures for success and report quarterly on progress.

  • High Reliability - Fletcher Allen is focusing on critical clinical and operational processes for improvement and determining when and where to incorporate these areas into our Integrated Delivery System. Innovation, quality control and cost control are the foundation of high reliability and provide the surest path toward safe, high-quality health care, every single time. Fletcher Allen is working towards those qualities every day, in every facet of the organization.
  • Developing an Integrated Delivery System - With Fletcher Allen's affiliation with Central Vermont Medical Center, CVPH Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital, Fletcher Allen Partners is moving toward clinical and operational integration, developing a comprehensive brand strategy and becoming an information hub. Our focus will determine whether to pursue new affiliations and how to align our academic and research strategies with clinical and business strategies. We are also working with our partners at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and an extensive network of providers across the state, including every Vermont hospital, to improve the overall health of a significant number of Vermont’s Medicare beneficiaries through our accountable care organization, OneCare Vermont which is now participating in shared savings programs for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance plans sold through Vermont Health Connect.  
  • Our People - Fletcher Allen’s people – our staff, physicians and volunteers – are the heart of our organization. We are committed to a work environment where all feel valued and engaged, and where we continue to develop and grow as professionals. Our employees are an exceptional group who exemplify our culture of ONE by being passionate and positive individuals. They are devoted to our patients, their families and each other, and they contribute each and every day to our mission of patient care, teaching and research.

For more information or a copy of Fletcher Allen’s strategic initiatives, contact Diana Scalise, senior vice president of Planning and Business Development, at 802-847-3964.


Openness and Communication Initiatives

Employee Communication 

Employee Engagement Survey 

In the fall of 2013, Fletcher Allen employees participated in their second employee engagement survey to measure employees’ sense of commitment and contribution to the organization. It’s important to note that in 2011 we moved from a “satisfaction” survey to one focused more on “engagement”. We continue to see improvements in almost all of our measures and a high rate of participation.   

We understand that employee engagement is primarily driven thru leadership. Our approach seeks to create organizational value from each individual leaders’ strengths. The GIVE and TAKE approach promotes the sharing of ideas and practices (strengths) across our leadership team.  This is done through a series of ONEtalks and facilitated sessions focused on specific engagement dimensions.

"Good Catch Award" Encourages Employee Participation in Proactive Patient Safety Initiative

In an effort to reinforce proactive risk reduction and our positive culture of safety, the Jeffords Institute for Quality's Patient Safety Department introduced the “Good Catch” program several years ago.

This program encourages, recognizes and rewards the identification and reporting of potential or “near miss” events using Fletcher Allen’s electronic event reporting system, an easily-accessible tool for employees and physicians to report patient safety and quality issues or concerns.  This allows the organization to investigate potential systems issues and implement system improvements that enhance quality and patient safety, before a patient is impacted. Each month, the Patient Safety Department reviews all event reports and chooses one to receive the award for that month. Award-winning reports must meet specific “Good Catch” criteria, which include identifying a significant systems or patient safety issue; being a “near miss” or potential event; identifying an issue that affects more than one department; and being reported by a staff member or physician.

The person who identified and reported the chosen issue is recognized with the “Good Catch” award for the month by members of the Fletcher Allen leadership team. For more information, call the James M. Jeffords Institute for Quality and Operational Effectiveness at 802-847-2468.

Other Openness Initiatives

"Call Someone Now" Service for Patients and Families

In May 2009, Fletcher Allen began offering inpatients and families the "Call Someone Now" Service, a direct line to call for urgent help during a hospital stay. This service is an important component in Fletcher Allen’s ongoing efforts to enhance the support and communication offered to our patients and their families. Patients and family can dial "One-NOW" (1669) from the bedside phone when they see a noticeable change in the patient’s medical condition and they want to have a member of the health care team address their urgent concern. The call is answered and a dedicated One-NOW response team is sent to the bedside.

"Speak Up" Campaign

Since 2007, Fletcher Allen has participated in a nationwide campaign called "Speak Up," which encourages patients to participate in their health care and helps improve the safety of their care. The campaign urges patients to take an active role in preventing health care errors by becoming active, involved and informed participants in their care. Fletcher Allen continues to promote "Speak Up" in its patient guide and in posters across the organization. For more information, call the James M. Jeffords Institute for Quality and Operational Effectiveness at 802-847-2468.

Public Reporting of Quality Data

In February 2006, as part of its commitment to service excellence, Fletcher Allen launched a Quality of Care section on its public website that provides detailed information about how we perform on quality-of-care measures. The website includes measures that are publicly available in Fletcher Allen’s Act 53 Quality Report, as well as additional quality measures for birthing, cardiology, general surgery, heart surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, pneumonia care, pediatrics at the Vermont Children's Hospital and nursing. Each section includes data on clinical information, length of stay, patient satisfaction, and numbers of cases seen (volume). For more information, call the James M. Jeffords Institute for Quality and Operational Effectiveness at 802-847-2468. 

Public Reporting of Financial Data

Fletcher Allen began making its quarterly financial information public with the release of the first-quarter results for FY 2003 in February 2003. The audited financial statements for FY 2005 through FY 2010, as well as the quarterly results for FY 2009 through the first quarter of FY 2013 are currently available on the Fletcher Allen website. 

Regional Planning Efforts

Fletcher Allen, in partnership with the Champlain Initiative, the Regional Planning Commission and the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation (GBIC), is participating in an interdisciplinary planning effort designed to build connections among planning efforts at organizations in different fields throughout the region. For more information about this effort, contact Diana Scalise, senior vice president of Planning and Business Development at 802-847-3964. 

The Mental Health Program Quality Committee

This committee meets monthly and is open to the public. It includes representatives of a broad range of mental health advocacy groups, representatives of the Vermont Department of Mental Health, members of the public, health care providers, consumers and family members. For more information, contact Jiyon Hwang, Department of Psychiatry, at 802-847-2124. 

Fletcher Allen Neighborhood Task Force

In 1999, as part of a Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement between the City of Burlington and Fletcher Allen, Fletcher Allen established a task force to address parking and traffic related to the construction of Fletcher Allen's Ambulatory Care Center. The task force continues today and has remained active, although its name was changed in 2009 from the Ward 1 Parking and Traffic Task Force to reflect the broadening of issues it reviews. It consists of representatives from the Ward 1 Neighborhood Planning Assembly and Fletcher Allen. The work of the task force guides Fletcher Allen's strategic planning and decision-making concerning parking and traffic, as well as planning, zoning, permitting and issues of general concern to our neighbors on the Medical Center Campus. For more information, contact Government and Community Relations at 802-847-5103.

Vermont Children's Hospital Community Advisory Council

The Vermont Children's Hospital Community Advisory Council is a group of representatives from non-profits, businesses, the education sector, social services, children's services, state agencies and the Vermont Legislature, along with parents in the community and physicians, nurses and staff from Vermont Children's Hospital at Fletcher Allen. The group began meeting in January 2004 and meets on a quarterly basis. Council members are asked to serve as consultants in the strategic planning of new initiatives for the Vermont Children's Hospital; to provide input from the community so that Vermont Children's Hospital meets the needs of those it serves; to review the progress of ongoing clinical, educational, research and financial developments designed to improve care of children in the community; and to be ambassadors on an ongoing basis for the work of Vermont Children's Hospital by helping to define our goals and objectives for each fiscal and academic year. For more information, contact Sue Victory, senior administrative coordinator, Vermont Children's Hospital, at 802-656-3243 or by email at susan.victory@uvm.edu.

Elder Care Council

The Elder Care Council is beginning its 11th year of service to Elder Care Services at Fletcher Allen. Today’s council includes the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living and directors of community providers including the Area Agency on Aging, home health, nursing homes and Fletcher Allen’s Community Health Improvement department. The council also has representation from researchers at the University of Vermont, upper-level management of the UVM Medical Group, and two community advocates. The council works with Elder Care Services to help prioritize elder care issues in the community and state and develop strategies to address them. 

Collaboration with Other Hospitals, Health Systems and Agencies

Fletcher Allen is actively engaged with hospitals, health systems and agencies in Vermont, as well as in areas of New York and New Hampshire, to ensure that its strategic plan responds to the needs of people in outlying communities as appropriately as possible. It is also engaged in collaborative efforts to improve health care services and technology throughout the state. Examples of these efforts include: 

  • Establishment of outreach clinics throughout Vermont and northern New Yorkto ensure access to specialty services in local communities as appropriate and as requested. Fletcher Allen's health care professionals are currently involved in more than 100 outreach programs, clinics or services. Examples of such services include clinics in cardiology, radiation oncology, rheumatology, urology perinatal outreach, and teletrauma. In addition, Fletcher Allen specialists work with local community hospitals and physicians to help them provide programs that benefit the people of their community.  
  • Laboratory Outreach Services. Fletcher Allen’s laboratory has had an extensive outreach program for more than 25 years and currently serves as the reference laboratory for all of the hospitals in Vermont. In addition, Fletcher Allen is a founding member and serves as the reference laboratory for the Northeast Clinical Laboratory Alliance (NECLA) – a group of hospitals in Vermont. NECLA was formed in 1996. Fletcher Allen’s laboratory provides advanced testing to many other hospitals in the region.
  • Ensuring appropriate access to critical care transport services through Fletcher Allen Coordinated Transport (FACT), a wholly owned subsidiary that owns and operates ambulances in Vermont and northern New York. FACT is based in Burlington, and also has an ambulance stationed at Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, NY, and Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin, VT, to ensure appropriate access to this service for people in those regions.
  • Participating in the Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care. VPQHC is a private, nonprofit corporation focused on statewide health care quality initiatives. Fletcher Allen's Vice President for Quality serves on its board of directors, and numerous Fletcher Allen physicians and nurses actively participate in VPQHC projects.
  • Expansion of Fletcher Allen Partners – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital, both in New York, have joined Fletcher Allen Health Care and Central Vermont Medical Center as partner hospitals under Fletcher Allen Partners. Through this partnership all four hospitals are working on initiatives that will support the formation of an integrated delivery system that will improve quality of care and reduce costs.
  • Coordination of Care. Fletcher Allen, in partnership with the University of Vermont, works routinely with other hospitals in providing Telemedicine services to support care from Fletcher Allen specialists to other hospitals. In addition, Fletcher Allen has worked with neighboring hospitals to facilitate the transfer of images to Fletcher Allen specialists, which enhances the ability to care for patients locally whenever possible.   Fletcher Allen also participates in the statewide STEMI program, which facilitates timely transports of certain types of heart-attack patients to Fletcher Allen for services they can get only at our academic medical center. 
  • Participating in the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (VAHHS), a statewide network of health systems that promotes collaboration among health care organizations, and the Vermont Medical Society (VMS), to influence political, economic, social and regulatory issues facing health care providers in the state, with the goal of improving the delivery of health care to Vermonters.


Activities Available for Public Participation


Board of Trustees Meetings

Board meetings include a public session in which the public is given an opportunity to comment on matters relating to Fletcher Allen's operations. All business that involves neither confidential nor proprietary information is conducted in the public sessions of these meetings. The Board meets quarterly in March, June, September and December.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer at Fletcher Allen through our Volunteer Services Department. More than 800 active volunteers donate over 94,000 hours of service every year. Volunteers assist hospital personnel by providing supplemental services that contribute to quality patient care.

Volunteers work in many different areas including:

  • Information/Reception Desk 
  • Patient Guide Program
  • Hospital Elder Life Program
  • Emergency Department 
  • Liaison to families in the Surgical Waiting Room,  Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Unit Waiting Rooms, Ronald McDonald Family Room and the Taylor Hospitality Room
  • Library/Community Health Resource Center
  • Clerical support
  • "Art from the Heart" Program, which provides art activities for children at Vermont Children's Hospital 
  • Flower delivery/book cart 
  • Fletcher Allen Gift Shop and Replays (resale shop)
  • FAVORS (Fletcher Allen Volunteers Offer Room Service) Program
  • Footnoters Program 
  • No One Dies Alone Program
  • Hematology/Oncology waiting room assistants
  • Patient Falls Prevention volunteers

More information about these and other volunteer opportunities, including how to apply to become a volunteer, is available through Fletcher Allen's website. For more information, call the Volunteer Services Department at 802-847-3536.

Fletcher Allen Auxiliary

The Fletcher Allen Auxiliary is a group of more than 200 community members who support the mission of Fletcher Allen through financial contributions and by providing services for patients, their families and staff. The Auxiliary administers a variety of programs and entities that support Fletcher Allen, including the Fletcher Allen Gift Shop, Replays Resale Shop, a baby car seat program and special events that fund health care initiatives and services across the organization.  The Auxiliary provides ongoing support to a variety of programs and services, including the FAVORS Room Service Program for inpatients and the Taylor Family Hospitality Room. The Auxiliary welcomes new members. For more information, call Volunteer Services at 802-847-3536.

Health Education

Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center

The Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center, located in the Main Lobby of the Ambulatory Care Center on Fletcher Allen's Medical Center Campus in Burlington, is a health library and resource center providing free service for patients and families and members of the public. The Center serves approximately 9,000 people annually. Services provided include Internet access, books, magazines, periodicals and experienced staff to assist with computer searches and other resources. It is open 9am to 5:30pm Monday – Thursday and 9am to 5pm on Fridays. The center can be reached by calling 802-847-8821 or by email at resourcecenter@vtmednet.org

Healthsource Wellness E-Newsletter

In the spring of 2012, Fletcher Allen produced the first issue of HealthSource, Fletcher Allen’s new wellness e-newsletter. The newsletter, distributed three times a year to Fletcher Allen patients, offers expert advice on everything from exercise and nutrition to relaxation and memory, as well as helpful online resources for healthy living.  For more information, call Marketing and Communications at 802-847-2886 or visit HealthSource online.

Dana Medical Library

Located in the Medical Education Center that links Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont College of Medicine, the Dana Medical Library is a resource for students, faculty, clinical staff and community members. Patrons keep up-to-date on the latest research with a new journal browsing area and leading electronic resources. Professional health science librarians are available to support research. The library can be reached at 802-656-2201 or visit Dana Medical Library online.

Community Medical School

Community Medical School is a series of free medical lectures by Fletcher Allen/University of Vermont physicians and researchers held over the course of two semesters each year. The series provides information on the latest science and research in the field of medicine and is presented in an easy-to-understand format. It is extremely popular, regularly drawing 100 to 200 people per session. Call 802-847-2886 for more information, or visit Community Medical School.

The Healthsource Community Education Series

The HealthSource Community Education series is offered three times a year to the community. Classes are free and include topics such as Baby Care Basics, Stress Management, Organic Gardening, Senior Strength, Heart Health, cooking instruction and many more. For more information, call Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2278, or visit Healthsource online.

Eleanor B. Daniels Lecture Series

The Eleanor B. Daniels Fund was created in honor of Eleanor Daniels, a beloved artist, mother and teacher. Its mission is to provide women's health education, research and development efforts for gynecologic malignancies and other women's health topics and was founded through The Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Fletcher Allen. The EBD Fund hosts free educational programs for the public each fall and spring. For more information, call 802-434-3979, email sdaniels2@cs.com or visit the Eleanor B. Danierls Fund.

Vermont Children's Hospital at Fletcher Allen Programs

The Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen, a full-service hospital within a hospital, shares health information with children and families and sponsors fun activities for kids at public events throughout the year. Monty the Moose, the mascot of the Vermont Children's Hospital, also attends many public events to meet and greet children and parents. For more information about the Vermont Children's Hospital activities, contact Sue Victory, senior administrative coordinator, Vermont Children's Hospital, at (802) 656-3243 or by email at susan.victory@uvm.edu

Other Programs and Conferences

Fletcher Allen participates in and sponsors a wide range of educational conferences and health and safety awareness programs throughout the area. In addition, Fletcher Allen sponsors community events, which in the past year included special events held by health-related organizations, such as the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Luncheon, the Vermont City Marathon, and many others. For more information, contact the Government and Community Relations at 802-847-5195.

Radio and Television Programs

Fletcher Allen sponsors health education and information programs on local television and radio stations on a regular basis. These programs include:

  • Healthsource - A bi-weekly consumer health information radio program that airs on Sundays as follows: WIZN 106.7 FM @ 7:30 am; WBTZ  99.9 FM @ 7:30 am; WJOY  1230 AM @ 8:30 am; WKOL 105.1 FM @ 9:30 pm;  WOKO  98.9 FM @ 9:30 pm.
  • First with Kids - A weekly program featuring Vermont Children's Hospital Chief of Pediatrics Lewis First, M.D. that airs on WPTZ Channel 5 and on WOKO 98.9 FM and is published in weekly newspapers throughout Chittenden County and Plattsburgh, NY. The show airs on Channel 5 during their 5 p.m. Monday broadcasts, and between 5:15-5:35 a.m. and 6:15-6:35 a.m. Tuesdays. It airs on WOKO at 7:50 a.m. Tuesdays, 11:50 a.m. Thursdays, and 11:50 a.m. Sundays. For more information about these programs, contact Marketing and Communications at 802-847-2886, or visit Marketing & Communications.

Free and Low-Cost Health and Wellness Care

Fletcher Allen offers free and low-cost health screenings and prevention and wellness programs to the public on a regular basis. Some of these screenings are held annually; others are offered periodically. These include:

  • Corporate biometric screenings, blood pressure screenings, skin cancer screening, and flu shot clinics. Contact Craig Stevens, Wellness Health Coach at 802-847-6544 or craig.stevens@vtmednet.org.
  • Free monthly blood pressure screenings. Contact Martha McAuliffe at Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2278 or martha.mcauliffe@vtmednet.org. Offerings vary. Call for information.
  • Cholesterol screenings (at a cost of $18-$21) are offered by Community Health Improvement through the HealthSource Community series. Call for registration and offering information. 802-847-2278.
  • Free foot care for seniors and people with disabilities through the Footnoters Program. Contact Martha McAuliffe at Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2278 or martha.mcauliffe@vtmednet.org.
  • Self-Management Programs. Free, evidence-based self-management programs offered by Community Health Improvement empower people living with chronic conditions to successfully manage their own health and become more active partners with their healthcare team to remain healthier, avoid hospitalizations and stay engaged with their families, work and communities. Workshops are offered on chronic conditions, diabetes, chronic pain, ongoing mental health challenges and falls risk reduction. For more information, contact Robyn Skiff at 802-847-5468.

Memory Screenings

The Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit offers free memory screenings to the community on "Memory Mondays" which occur on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. The unit also provides memory screening over the phone. For more information, call Sally Ross Nolan at 802-847-9488, or visit the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit.

Breastfeeding and "Birthing From Within" Classes

The Claire M. Lintilhac Nurse Midwifery Service at Fletcher Allen offers breastfeeding classes that are open to the public. The breastfeeding classes are held at the Nurse Midwifery Service's Williston office, 353 Blair Park Road in Williston. The "Birthing From Within" childbirth class series is held four times a year. The sessions alternate between the Williston site and the Midwifery Service's Burlington location at the Obstetrics Outpatient Clinic in the Ambulatory Care Center on Fletcher Allen’s Medical Center Campus in Burlington. For more information, call 802-847-2237 or 802-847-1245.

Health Assistance Program

The Health Assistance Program at Fletcher Allen works to help people in our service area that are uninsured or underinsured navigate the health care system and to obtain services, medications, dental care and eyeglasses to improve or maintain their health. We work with each client individually helping to complete applications for health insurance through State-sponsored programs. We can help obtain prescribed medications through insurance, indigent medication programs or through our own pharmacies with the affordable medications program at little or no cost to the client. HAP also provides assistance with other community services. To reach the Health Assistance Program, call 802-847-6984.

Employer Health Management

Through its Employer Health Management program, Fletcher Allen offers wellness and health promotion services for large and small businesses throughout Vermont. The program is designed to help businesses plan effective, targeted programs for employees and dependents that result in measurable improvements in financial and health outcomes. For more information about biometric screening and health promotion programs, call Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2827.

Tobacco Cessation

Fletcher Allen's Community Health Improvement Wellness and Self-Management Programs offer ongoing groups and workshops in tobacco cessation for individuals and worksites. For more information about tobacco cessation classes, call Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2827 or email wellness@fahc.org.

Falls and Fires Program

This program educates elderly and disabled residents about the risk of falls and fires in their homes, and helps prevent these events. It provides home safety assessments and home modifications for people who are financially eligible. For more information, call Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2278.

Pediatric Outreach

Fletcher Allen strives to keep all families safe and healthy through a variety of programs and partnerships including Safe Kids Vermont, Child Passenger Safety, poison prevention, and the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program. 

Support Groups

Fletcher Allen facilitates a large number of support groups for patients and families. For more information, visit the Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center or call 802-847-8821.

For more information about these or other programs, contact Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2278.


Community Involvement

Community Activities

Community Surveys

Fletcher Allen Health Care has been conducting periodic community health assessments for more than 15 years.  In addition, under the Affordable Care Act, all hospitals must complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years. The purpose of the CHNA is to establish priorities for improving health, developing effective interventions and evaluating programs and policies.  For information about this process, call Community Health Improvement, 802-847-2278.

Community Leader Interviews

As part of Fletcher Allen’s 2013 community health assessment, seventeen community leaders were interviewed. Leaders were asked to share their vision of a healthy community, as well as their opinions on unmet health needs, pressing health issues and improvements that could be done to improve the quality of life for residents.  Information gathered from this work informed Fletcher Allen’s community needs survey.  

Community Partnerships and Grant Giving

Fletcher Allen has forged partnerships with numerous organizations, including nonprofits, businesses, educational institutions and public agencies to improve the health of the community. Fletcher Allen funds a variety of community organizations and programs that further our community benefit work and align with identified community health needs. One of these partnerships is with the Howard Center’s Street Outreach Program, which places social workers in the downtown Burlington area to assist those with mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, and unmet social service needs.  The program has been tremendously successful and has now been replicated in Portland, Maine.  

Fletcher Allen’s Community Benefit Committee oversees the Community Benefit Fund. The Committee is the successor to the previous Community Benefit Advisory Group, which was comprised exclusively of Fletcher Allen staff. The Community Benefit Committee now includes six members from across the organization and six members from the community-based Vermont Health Foundation, and is chaired by Fletcher Allen’s Chief Medical Officer. The Committee grants funds to programs that align with one of the five identified priorities from the 2013 community health needs assessment. 

For more information about Fletcher Allen’s partnerships, go to Community Resources or call Community Health Improvement at 802-847-2278.

Community Rounds

Community Rounds is a program designed to give Vermont community leaders an inside look at our academic medical center. Community leaders from Vermont and northern New York are invited to participate in an intensive two-day program that includes rotations in different clinical areas - including primary care, emergency care, specialty care and surgical care - as well as a grounding in medical and nursing education and research. For more information about Community Rounds, contact Government and Community Relations at 802-847-5103.

2014 Annual Community Stakeholders Meeting

Fletcher Allen’s 2014 community stakeholders meeting brought together more than 100 community members − opinion leaders, legislators, donors, health care partners, community rounds alumni and others − to engage with Fletcher Allen regarding the organization’s strategic agenda for the coming year.  This year’s event featured a video titled “Achieving Excellence” that included interviews with five of Fletcher Allen’s employees talking about the key elements of Fletcher Allen’s culture that set us apart.  Fletcher Allen President and CEO John Brumsted addressed the group for the third straight year, highlighting how Fletcher Allen Partners – Fletcher Allen’s four-hospital, cross-lake integrated delivery system – is evolving into a tight-knit family of organizations that strategize, plan, budget and implement programs, services and facilities together to improve quality and access while also enhancing efficiency.

Medical Education and Research

Fletcher Allen, in partnership with the University of Vermont, is one of 141 academic medical centers in the country, with a joint mission of providing patient care, education, research and service to the community. A wide range of programs related to medical and nursing education and biomedical research are open to the public on a regular basis. These include:

Clinical Trials
Members of the public have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of clinical trials at Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont, which seek to discover new cures and therapies. Studies on heart disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, depression, memory loss and reproductive medicine are just a few examples of the offerings. For more information, call the Office of Clinical Trials Research at 802-656-8990, or visit the Office of Clinical Trials.

Studies at the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit (CNRU)
The Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit conducts research in cognition and behavior after menopause, memory loss, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD and other areas. For more information about these studies, visit the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit.

MedQuest Health Care Careers Exploration Program
MedQuest is a college campus-based health careers exploration program for Vermont high school students; they live in a dormitory and have a variety of didactic and shadowing experiences during one of six week-long sessions. Staffed by University of Vermont medical students, and hosted by three Vermont Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) throughout the state, the MedQuest program allows students to explore health careers by shadowing providers at Fletcher Allen and other area medical centers and offices, as well as through lab visits and discussions. For more information, call the AHEC Program Office at 802-656-2179, or visit University of Vermont AHEC Program.

Medical Education Project

In partnership with the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Vermont Family Network (VFN) matches medical students in their third-year pediatric rotation with a host family that has a child with special health needs for a two-hour home visit. The students' orientation class and reflection discussions focus on the practice of family-centered care. The Medical Education Project is one of three VFN Family Faculty programs that teach family-centered care to future healthcare providers and educators through family stories. VFN promotes better health, education and well-being for all children and families, with a focus on children and young adults with special needs. 

In addition to the Medical Education Project, VFN Family Faculty programs also include:

  • Professionalism, Communication, Reflection (PCR)- A parent of a child with special health needs speaks to each PCR group of eight students and their faculty mentor. The parent introduces the concept of family-centered care through sharing his or her family’s experience having a special needs child and their perspectives on health care. 
  • Parent Panels - Parents can participate on panels of three family members presenting their experiences to undergraduate and graduate classes at UVM in Education and Health Sciences (nursing, PT, communications) courses. Each parent speaks for 20 minutes, taking questions at the end. 

For more information about this program, visit Vermont Family Network or call 800-800-4005 or 802-876-5313.

Students of Medicine Involved in Local Education - Doctors Ought to Care (SMILE-DOC)
First- and second-year medical students run this program and visit local elementary schools to teach 3rd through 5th grade students about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Working in groups of four to six, the students visit their assigned classroom approximately four times per semester for 1 ½ hours each session. For more information about this program, call the University of Vermont College of Medicine Student Affairs Office at 802-656-2150.

Standardized Patient Program
Members of the community are paid and trained to act as a patient with a specific health history and evaluate medical students' examination and communication skills. For more information about this program, contact Cate Nicholas, director of Clinical Skills Education at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, at cate.nicholas@uvm.edu.

Schweitzer Fellows Program
Each year, several University of Vermont College of Medicine students are awarded prestigious Schweitzer fellowships, working in partnership with community-based organizations to identify an unmet health need and then implement and carry out a year-long, 200-hour service project designed to have a demonstrable impact on that need. In addition, their activities often include sponsoring a health-related lecture or event. For more information about this program, visit the New Hampshire-Vermont Schwitzer Fellows Program or call the office at 603-643-1479.

AHEC Nursing Workforce, Research, Planning and Development
AHEC conducts and analyses workforce surveys and offers a number of programs related to Vermont nursing workforce:  leadership in Vermont’s workforce development efforts such as the Governor’s Health Care Workforce Work Group, inter-professional practice education, and contributions to planning statewide conferences such as the Geriatrics Conference, are among the functions of this initiative.

To view the latest survey of registered nurses, download the PDF.

Information for those exploring health care careers, including nursing, is available here.

For More Information About Public Activities

For more information about public activities at Fletcher Allen, contact Fletcher Allen's Office of Marketing and Communications or Community Health Improvement.

The offices can be contacted at the following:

Fletcher Allen
Marketing and Communications
UHC Campus, 1 South Prospect Street - 4503OH4
Burlington VT 05401
Phone: 802-847-2886
Fax: 802-847-5540

Fletcher Allen
Community Health Improvement
128 Lakeside Avenue  
Suite 106
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 847-2278
Fax: (802) 847-6545

Information about public events also is regularly posted on the Fletcher Allen website or in the Community Health Improvement section of the site.

For information about obtaining a copy of Fletcher Allen's annual report, contact Marketing & Communications at the following: 

Fletcher Allen Health Care
Marketing & Communications
UHC Campus, 1 South Prospect Street – 453OH4
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: 802-847-2886
Fax: 802-847-5540 

The annual report also can be found on the Fletcher Allen website.