The Foundation Board and Staff


The Foundation Board and Staff at Fletcher Allen

The Board of the Fletcher Allen Foundation is comprised of community leaders, physicians, philanthropists and members of the Fletcher Allen trustees, all of whom are dedicated to working with the community to provide the philanthropic funds that enhance Fletcher Allen's mission.

Foundation Board Members:

Brian Boardman, Chair
John Brumsted, M.D., President
Matt Daly, Vice Chair
Timothy C. Davis
Sylvia MacKinnon, Secretary
Janet Carroll
Philip Daniels
Jay Desautels
Danielle Gilbert-Richard
Christine Moriarty
Emily Morrow
Ruth Uphold, M.D.
Deborah Winters

Honorary Directors:

David Coates
Edwin I. Colodny
Melinda L. Estes, M.D.
Lois McClure
Holly Miller
Elizabeth Woods
Glen Wright

Founding Chair:

Edwin I. Colodny

Development Staff:

Kevin McAteer
Chief Development Officer
(802) 847-5566

Susan Zahn
Manager of Operations and Stewardship
(802) 847-2369

Susie Posner-Jones
Special Gifts
(802) 847-4504

Yael Friedman
Annual Fund
(802) 847-4324

Jacqueline "Jackie" Woodwell
Event Specialist II
(802) 847-4508

Emily Wright
Events Specialist I
(802) 847-9548

Stacey Pape
Research Strategist
(802) 847-5977

Karen Bowser
Staff Assistant
(802) 847-5355

Sharon Whitaker
Development Coordinator
(802) 847-2324

Penny Severance
Development Coordinator
(802) 847-7992

Drew Brooks
Corporate Assistant
(802) 847-5592

Contact us at or (802) 847-2887.