Giving to the EBD Fund

Gynecologic Malignancies currently receive much less education and research funding in comparison to other malignancies. As a result, gynecologic malignancies have become somewhat of an afterthought for many patients and physicians. With your generous support we hope that gynecologic malignancies will no longer be considered an afterthought.

How To Donate

To make a donation, please fill out the form below or use the printable donation form (PDF).

Donations can be made in honor of someone special. A donation in honor of someone is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion such a holiday, wedding, anniversary, birthday. A gift in honorarium can be a special way to acknowledge someone who is valiantly battling cancer.

With honorarium gifts please include the name and address of the person(s) being honored with the donation. The EBD Fund will send a letter notifying the individual(s) of the gift without disclosing the amount of the donation.

Please make your checks payable to: Fletcher Allen Health Care: Eleanor B. Daniels Fund.

The Eleanor B. Daniels Fund
c/o Division of Gynecologic Oncology ATTN: Stephanie Stahl
Fletcher Allen Health Care
111 Colchester Avenue, Smith 403
Burlington, VT 05401