About Ellie & Her Artwork

Eleanor B. Daniels (1944-1990) was an artist, a mother and a teacher who lived in Vermont from July 1985 to September 1990. During that time she painted more than fifty canvases and produced her most beautiful and in-depth garden scenes. During this same five-year period, Ellie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and underwent a number of surgeries and different experimental treatments at Fletcher Allen Health Care. While her health deteriorated, her work developed in depth and she showed exemplary spirit and determination in her care and in educating herself and others about her illness. After living with cancer for five productive and inspiring years, Eleanor passed away at Fletcher Allen.

In addition to her active career as an artist, Eleanor was a dedicated mother and a source of inspiration for her many friends throughout the world. Eleanor maintained a positive approach to her unexpected illness and was courageously involved in promoting the education and research of her cancer. Although she is no longer with us, we as viewers of her art are privileged to still have the opportunity to enjoy her special vision and learn about her unique interpretation of the world. This fund, named in her honor, will help educate others about gynecologic oncology illnesses and be both a source of information and inspiration.

Artwork by Eleanor B. Daniels

Ellie started a note card company when she lived in Vermont and began marketing her images through this small business. Her sister, Sherry, is keeping her legacy alive by continuing the sale of her note cards and several posters of her canvases.

For purchasing information, please contact:

519 Wortheim Lane
Richmond, VT  05477